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  1. I sing quite loudly when I play the guitar and sometimes this results in a dull pain in one or both of my ears; I’ve seen an otolaryngologist who recommended I get special molded musicians’ earplugs which attenuate the volume without compromising the timbre and quality of the sound. However I’m not really sure how this possible since singing, as opposed to instrumental noise, is conducted through the jawbone and to the eardrum directly. I’m curious if there are any vocalists/singers on here who have experienced a similar problem. It is very depressing to me because I am a loud singer—it’s the only way I actually sound good. However I’m not sure if there is a real solution here besides singing quieter. (The otolaryngologist didn’t seem too bothered by the problem; perhaps I should see another one.) Has anyone found a solution to this? Google is coming up empty for me. Thanks, in advance.
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