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  1. to view this thread by day ime created instead of "last post by". Say like I only wanted to see the posts created today, instead of those commented on today. Thanks
  2. shawnd2007

    Klon Clone

    bump to verify you don't have any more?
  3. closer up pics of the Hoof as requested
  4. pics and here is what I'm talking about on the DL4 power cable
  5. Selling some pedals Line 6 DL4 w/ Box, w/ Power $165 Digitech Digiverb $60 Ibanez DE7 $60 Boss Blues Driver $60 Earthquaker Devices Hoof w/ Box $110 EHX Big Muff (nyc reissue) w/ Power $55 Boss DD-6 w/ box $100 Danelectro Dan-Echo w/ Box, w/ Power $45 Boss TR-2 w/ Box $70 Digitech Whammy IV w/ Box, w/ Power $115 Prices include shipping to the continental US. The hoof is from the recent Earthquaker sale of his pedals that had 'not perfect' paint jobs. but it has no other issues i would say the pedals are all good to very good condition. Except for maybe the Digiverb and the DL4 which have more scratches than the rest. The whammy's box is all beat up, but the pedal is fine. I am the original owner of the TR2 and the Hoof. just an fyi. The DL4's power cable has a little piece of the the sheathing missing. Some have velcro on the bottom. if thats a deal breaker let me know and i will check. Will bump with pics tonight. thanks
  6. Is your Boss the GX-700? Just checking
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