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  1. $625 shipped, paypal gift. Final price drop, incredible deal! $675 shipped. $695 shipped. $750 shipped. A screaming panther in a box. This amp has nice medium and high gain sounds and is great for recording, practice, or small gigs with a mic. The speaker has been upgraded to an Eminence Copperhead. I am selling because I took it as part of a trade plus cash and I'd really rather have the cash than 3 amps :doh: If you like to play cranked without shaking the walls, this is your amp. May be interested in the following as part of a trade: Barber Tone Press Blackout Effectors Whetstone DAM Fuzz Diamond Compressor Electro-Harmonix 2880 EQD Fuzz Malekko Vibrato Reeves 1x12 cabinet Skreddy Fuzz PLEASE NO AMP OR GUITAR TRADES!
  2. Catalinbread Pareidolia, custom 1/1 finish $220>>>$190 Awesome tremolo with some modulation like qualities...kind of vibey. Extremely unique. Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper Big Box, NOS transistors $195>>>$155 Really fun fuzz in a sexy box. There are others listed for $200+ right now. Mad Professor Mellow Yellow Tremolo $225>>>$200 Very amp like tremolo that sounds great on any setting. Cbread and EQD are minty other than velcro. Have box for Pareidolia. Mad Professor is 8.5/10. Has velcro and some paint flaked on underbelly. Top and sides are fine though. Only need to sell one of the tremolo pedals. I will be happy keeping either one. Prices are shipped, paypal gift or add 3%. Trade for Empress Compressor, Empress Para Eq, or Empress Multidrive.
  3. Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive $95 shipped, paypal gift. No velcro. Raw, marshall rock tones!
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