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  1. I didn't read an article that said it was based on it, but I just immediately recognized it. I read an interview with Dave from a few years ago where he described getting fender to make his dream baritone, he was playing a danelectro baritone more than regular guitar at the time and had some dream specs. As you can see from my pic and the squier, he wanted a jazzmaster body in Antigua, his favorite fender color, and he wanted a strat output jack. He has a vintage 60's Bass VI, so he sent the neck to the fender custom shop to be recreated, hence the 30 inch scale on the squire. He also wanted a tunematic bridge, which is the only detail not recreated on squire. He tunes it A-A, again, like the squire. So when I saw the pic with all of those features, I put two and two together.
  2. Oh, BTW, I haven't posted here in forever. Missed you guys, Phil and Travvy. I got a 2 week suspension at TGP for posting a dumb joke thread. So here I am.
  3. Awesome! It's based on Dave Gonzalez's custom shop jazzmaster baritone. Very cool.
  4. No woman no cry is probably top 5 all time favorite solos for me.
  5. The Gibson family Les Paul Classic Antique Fireburst Epiphone Sheraton II 1959 Melody Maker The Fender/Partscaster family El Degas/Lutherie MF Strat clone Fender Telecaster with b-bender Barncaster The Washburn acoustic family Woodstock 12 string Festival 6 string Another Washburn and a Blueridge Washburn Festival EA-220 Blueridge BR-160 I LOVE my blueridge BR160, it's such a killer guitar for the money.
  6. Gibson Jeff Tweedy SG Fender 92 CIJ Jazz Gibson SG Standard Fender American Deluxe Strat Glamour Rig Shot Don't have a pic of my 65' Martin D28 I was looking at your jazzy on the ATL craigslist today.
  7. This...I was not expecting. Quite possibly post of the year.
  8. what the {censored} is wrong with saying dude I suppose you say compadre or something lame.
  9. I've always liked Kathleen Turner Overdrive.
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