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  1. I need cash in my Paypal ASAP, rushing to buy a ticket for the Deftones tonight, so if anybody who is interested can contact me here ASAP, I'd appreciate it. Oh, the pedal is mint and works perfectly. Here's a pic (my cat runs the Headrush, btw):
  2. hey there ... would you be interested in a Barber Silver LTD?
  3. I really love this band, and they don't get crazy with effects, but I am curious as to what their rigs consist of.... can't find any info on the net, but maybe somebody here knows more than I do?
  4. Got a mint SD Pickup Booster that isn't being used at the moment I'd like to trade for a DE-7, LF-7, a phaser, wah, or anything else you might have ... not really picky, so try me. Pedal is mint with two small pieces of velcro on the back, I can get pics if you'd like, but it looks just like all the others.
  5. would you be interested in a MojoHand Sugar Baby trem if you can't find a Fulltone ST?
  6. you can get really long (up to 17secs) delay on the E2, but the delay seems to be an extension of the loop function.
  7. moses? i amn't is fantastic great album all around
  8. Really anything under that category ... Zvex Loop Junky, Ibanez Lo-fi, etc etc. Make me some offers. This is what I have to trade: MojoHand Sugar Baby analog trem Cmatmods Deluxe Signa Comp Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster EHX Holy Grail Fuzz Factory (maybe) All pedals are mint with small pieces of velcro attached. Pics on request.
  9. no, but thanks for the offer bump
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