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  1. Most of the tim I use a Blue Encore 300 microphone on my guitar and go into what house PA or rental is on hand. I also have a small Hendricks The Bud amp I sometimes use as a micro PA...
  2. Okay, I know I’m pushing the bounds of good taste and etiquette here with such an obvious self-promotion post :halo: I’ve been a closeted flatpicker for almost twenty years now. And some also know that I made this recording a while back.. Well, I finally finished it! I’m clearly not the next Tony Rice or David Grier, but I have loved and deeply respected this music for a long time now, and I’m very excited to have produced a record -featuring my good friend Tim Connell- that I think is pretty cool. Like me, Tim did not grow up playing this music. He’s nationally known for his Brazilian Choro style playing, and has a degree in Irish music from the New England Conservatory Of Music... But somehow I was able to talk him into this project:) Right now it’s available as physical disks and downloads only on CD Baby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/timconnell In a few weeks it’ll be at all your favorite places to find music. Tim and I are both full time musicians with families, and we are exceedingly grateful to anyone that might be looking for something new to add to their music collection, and maybe tell their friends about. love,e
  3. Thanks guys. It's a new month starting today. So it's a good time to jump in http://thirtydayguitarchallenge.tumblr.com
  4. A week or so ago I posted my Thirty Day Guitar Challenge. Maybe “challenge” isn't the right word, I just thought it was catchy. But to mark what I recently realized was my thirtieth anniversary of being a guitar teacher, I thought it would be fun to try to share a short lesson a day for a month. Maybe start your day with one video and a cup of coffee and see if leads you anywhere different. My challenge to myself was to do this all off the cuff (for better or worse), and try to avoid any mention of chords or scales, or any other technical stuff… It’s really trying to be more about musicianship and artistry. Maybe it’s my manifesto! Anyway, I hope my fellow guitar players will find a few things interesting and or helpful. Best,e
  5. Wife just got one from her work so I
  6. I love bearclaw. Some say it has a higher stregth to weight ratio and can be made thinner. I've found that I always like the tone of guitars with bearclaw
  7. PreSonus FireStudio 26x26 FireWire Interface I
  8. Santa Cruz SCGC D/PWM -Adi top & braces, Hide Glue, 1 3/4 nut... NEW PRICE lately I
  9. Looking for an alpha for smaller gigs. If you happen to see one, shoot me an email: eric@ericskye.com
  10. WTB: Calton Deluxe OM Case
  11. Details: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/C214/ Very light non-smoking use for a few months. Mint. $325. Free shipping. Sorry, lower 28 US states only. Paypal OK It's just the mic and clip, I don't have the case.
  12. I think a little fraying is going to happen, doesn’t bother me. Turning black I’ve never seen. I’ve been using Elixirs since they came out over a decade ago now (and endorsing for five years) and I’ve only broken one. I pretty much only use the polys for outdoor gigs these days, but if they made them in PB I would probably use them more. The Nano PBs in medium for the D and lights for the OM is what I’m doing these days:)
  13. My current live rig- which has really been in a lot of flux this year- reflects my obsession with the one car trip load-in and a ten minute setup/ break down. Santa Cruz OM/PW with a K&K Pure Mini Fishman Loudbox Performer Six-band MXR graphic eq pedal Elixir PB Lights Ten foot George L cable, one of the super thin ones I also have/had two AER Compact 60 2
  14. I played an amazing HD-28V today for the second time. I played it along with a D28 Marquee, a few Collings... guitars all a grand more, at least. The HD-28V was a killer.
  15. These Compact 60s replaced two JBL EON15 G2s, which replaced two SWR California Blondes... Ive also had two Ultrasounds, and some Carvin acoustic stuff over the years too. I think these are the best in terms of overall tone and connivence. Very transparent, but in contrast to the JBLs and SWRs, I know theres going to be a few gigs this Summer where Ill need to rent some reinforcement... All in all its a great sounding, solid, easy to move rig. I recommend the AER stuff very highly. http://www.ericskye.com
  16. I've got three at the moment David Grier John Williams Alex De Grassi
  17. My Taylor 712C ( NO E ) 1 7/8th nut, 2 and 3/8th at the bridge. Englemann/rose No pickgaurd
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