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  1. I have an '82 JCM800 2204 (vertical inputs) I might be willing to trade.
  2. I have a K100 I'm looking to get rid of for $700. Comes with FS-7 Footswitch. PM Me.
  3. I've been to numerous shows they were on, but I never really got into them because their first release sounded too much like tom green.
  4. I usually start lurking the forum and then log in when I need to post. I don't log in right away. I'm sure a lot of people are the same way.
  5. My main rig is my '99 LP Std. into my JCM800 and Orange Style 6x12, But I also play my Ceriatone HeyWhat!? 504 and my '68 drip edge bassman a lot. I moved out of my old house and moved into an apartment, so I can't crank my amps as much anymore. Basically what I want is two different pedals. One that when I play my amp clean at lower volumes and engage it, sounds like a cranked bassman, and another that sounds like a cranked marshall or other crunchy british sounding amp.
  6. OCD I have an OCD, love it to death, but OCD + Clean cleans does not truly sound like a crunchy amp IMO. Also, I'm not using this potential pedal for my 800.
  7. What kind of amp do you have? Why not just get a Marshall amp? That's as classic rock as it gets. Otherwise I'd go Dirty Little Secret. I have an '82 2204. I owned a DLS a year back and never really got along with it. It stacks like {censored} and only sounded good when cranked, it's crunch sounds always left something to be tweaked beyond it's capability. I'm looking for something that sounds organic played through a clean amp. Right now my clean amps are my Drip Edge Bassman and my Ceriatone HeyWhat!? 504.
  8. What's the best "amplike" pedal out there for a good classic crunch/drive through a clean amp? KoT? Sweet Honey? Timmy? Give me some answers.
  9. I've been wearing this for about a year now. I need a brown band watch. I might buy the Timex Easy Reader w/ a white face for that. Most of the people I work with dress business casual so I don't really need to be dropping the dime on a super nice watch right now.
  10. Where Kaiser has left off, The Edge picked up with more arrogance.
  11. This was a fun afternoon. And no, I do not run/play this, just thought I'd put it together one day.
  12. honestly, even getting into warped tour for free isn't worth it these days. I was surprised that the menzingers and lucero hopped on this year though.
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