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  1. Anyone know when the new ones will be out?
  2. Hey thanks for this. The WIIO sounds dope. I am definitely buying one once they make the next batch.
  3. Christ, so much butthurt in this thread.
  4. This coming from the guy who smoked his the day he got it, and we bend over backwards to take care of him. Unreal.
  5. Yeah she is great. I saw her at a tiny club right when she was blowing up. She was opening for El Perro Del Mar and was incredible. So much charisma, she is obviously a star. I am looking forward to her next record.
  6. Hey I submitted mine yesterday and I am not on the list, did my masterpiece make it to your mailbox in one piece?
  7. Sadly, yes. You have to work the knobs with your digits. Hmm maybe I will just wait for the M9 to get an emulation of it in a future update then.
  8. WTF is this talk of changing the art? I want mine to look like a Hiwatt when it comes, not some green booger looking piece of {censored}.
  9. Im going to sell a guitar I don't use to buy this thing thats how good these pedals are. $800 or not, the tone cannot be denied.
  10. how is the spring? The spring is really good. Maybe not quite as nice as the spring chicken or something, but if you are interested in the other modes you definitely wont be disappointed with the spring.
  11. Seriously consider the hardwire reverb. The reverse, the gated verb, and the mod verb are all great. The regular modes are also very very good. I use every single setting.
  12. I have the reverb and it's sick. If you like the delay check out the reverb too.
  13. How come no one asked me if I wanted one when they went on sale?
  14. I tried to search but nothing came up. Can someone tell me what this WIIO everyone is talking about is? I went to the catalinbread site but still I can't find anything? It looks dope.
  15. I had the RV3 and loved it, but decided to get a hardwire RV-7 as well. I love the RV-7 so the RV3 was in the box for awhile. I decided to sell the RV3 just to get it out of the house, so I plugged it in one last time to make sure it all worked etc.. I am never selling it, I think I somehow forgot how awesome it sounds. Like some previous posters have said, it does sound cold and unnatural, but in the most awesome way. It has a cold and frosty character that just suits some stuff. Something about it just sounds like joy division IMO. Very cool pedal.
  16. I'm into Sigur Ros and Hammock type stuff, slow washes of harmonically rich sound etc. I'm also into more recent NIN stuff and old MBV; so fuzzed out, layered, textural stuff, sometimes bitcrushed harsh and aggressive. I'm into new, weird, and inventive sounds. You just answered your own question, get the Moog guitar.
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