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  1. If you have NO equipment budget, are just starting out and buy it used, or otherwise get one cheap; I suppose this would be OK. If you're looking to add a chorus pedal to your live / gig pedal board or need one for recording, this is NOT an option. It sucks to use at higer volumes. If it were stolen, I'd laugh that someone had comitted a crime in the name of a DOD chorus pedal and hope that it let out a crazy SQUEAL in the middle of their show. I don't own any other DOD gear, but this chorus pedal fails the test. I'm looking into a Visual Sound, T.C., or maybe even an Analogman as a replacement and hope to get 5 buck for this thing on eBay. It BLOWS F'N MY MIND that some people have given this unit favorable reviews.
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    Vox VT15

    I've been playing for over 20 years and I currently own a 70's reissue Fender Japan Strat (soooo sweet!), another Mexican 60th Anniversary Strat, a Hello Kitty Strat totally converted San Dimas-style, and a Yamaha Acoustic. If my Satin Strat was stolen or lost, I'd be devastated and try hard to put together another one. Like I said, I hate the choices that Fender makes with the colors of their instruments. Also, the bridge on these Mexican Strats is the most ridiculous piece of crap EVER MADE - I can't understand why they keep putting them on their instruments - the are the HEIGHT OF CHEAP JUNK. If you buy a Mexican Fender and put around $200 worth of new parts into it, you'll have the ULTIMATE guitar for quite a bit less than an American - it's become my M.O. and I plan to do it again! ;-) Rock on.
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