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  1. This thread is the opposite option from what i was expecting.
  2. bttt taking offersssss. Awesome if you want a noisy glitchy mini-pog like pedal
  3. $125 + shipping which shouldn't be more than like 10 or so. I believe i have the box it came in, if not i have other boxes that it will fit. Barely used. Has seen like 4-5 gigs and was only used at 2 or 3 of them. I don't think i have the original box. Has velcro on the bottom that can be removed. Paypal only
  4. Jesus, check out the size of the transformers on that thing. haha its like you're hitting on it
  5. I know the guys in conifer used this amp and JCM 800s (no idea which version or any info on mods or anything) but in general it seems to carry that stoner rock/metal seal of approval around these message boards.
  6. I believe he used a Laney Klipp in the old sleep days, and theres videos of him talking about his Laney VH100r/Soldano rig for High on fire a few years back. No idea what he's using now, or if he ever used the AOR Pro Tube.
  7. Okay, my amp is in the shop but if i don't have to end up paying ~$300 for a new transformer, or something else i'll probably buy this
  8. How loud dis iz? Wattage seems to be somewhat irrelevant in older amps, though i'm not 100% sure this is old enough
  9. No offense but your asking price is pretty high, compared to the market price on ebay. Although there are usually more on ebay then there are now. Best of luck
  10. Possibly driving to greensboro tomorrow to get a cab, but i will keep all of these offers in mind. 250 with speakers or unloaded? If those are the stock sheffields or whatever i don't really want them.
  11. I'm in Raleigh NC. I'm going to pass on the 5150 since it has no backboard. I don't really care what it looks like but i don't really want to do much work to it, otherwise i'd just pay a little more and get something in better structural condition. How much for the avatar and where
  12. Listing an auction isn't the problem... its the pointless $200 you tacked on that makes it douchy
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/Yamaha-412-Straight-Cab-deep-loud-awesome-SUNN-0-/140478095956?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20b525a254 not mine but you should buy it
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