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  1. PRICE: $1400 OBO + shipping or Mesa Mark V Head Hi all, this is an ENGL Powerball I V2 and NOT the Powerball II. It comes as is. I'm selling it because it does not fit my needs anymore (I don't need 100W). It has a surprisingly good clean channel. I wasn't blown away by the crunch channel, but you can get some good sounds out of it with some tweaking. The low-lead channel will probably cover any of your modern rock/metal needs. I personally have never really used the high-gain channel (more distortion than I need) If you have any questions, either leavea comment here, PM me or email me at junnage@gmail.com
  2. Bump. I find it very hard to believe there is no interest in this.
  3. This guitar (serial number 90908396) has been played almost every day for one and a half years and is still in very good condition (I
  4. What up's man! I actually thought you were going to offer your Bluesbraker again The temptation was too great, but then I noticed I don't have it anymore
  5. It's my new bookmark link to HC Fred is a good man.
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