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  1. I don't know who that girl is, but that vomit looks... oh wow... just wow. Anyone know of any new gaze bands? I've really been into Rururu recently. That is actually a man.
  2. i love the deftones I really like Slowdive, probably one of my favorite bands out there. I don't like most newer shoegaze. I am always looking for more though.
  3. katatonia-Forsaker Alice in Chains-We Die Young Kanye West-Good Morning
  4. I bought a used cheap crate gt1200h today but gc didn't have the switch. Anyone got one they don't use anymore?
  5. Still for sale not looking for a reverb now really, more so mods like phasers, trems, and etc.
  6. trade for a EHX small stone nano? Are you throwing anything else in?
  7. Memory toy for you digiverb I really want it!
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