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  1. hey that looks exactly like a knock off. I may be wrong but a brand called Douglas makes that same guitar with that same scorpion inlay. I was gunna buy 1 on ebay for 100 bucks. I think the dude slapped on a decal and called it a fender. But I might be wrong.
  2. Im looking for a project guitar or something that is ready to be played. Not really looking for anything with a floyd. Keep it 6 string. Def would like something with nice pickups EMGs! (longshot)
  3. cant say I tried over there yet. I got a PM about one so maybe that will go thru. until then anyone else got anything.
  4. Looking for a Agile LP. Dont really matter what color. I see they are 225 online at rondo. Maybe someone wants to get rid of one a bit cheaper? Lemme know?
  5. Im looking for either a schecter pt series or something in that same range. Something with double humbuckers. 22 frets ish.
  6. look at the way that post was written. it doesnt sound like a 17 year old wrote that. and to think there are not many kids on this site and most would not have the equipment to trade or sell on here. I smell bullstuff.
  7. i think im going to declare this thread dead. I posted a new thread bout spending a few more dollars for an ibanez I want a bit more than a cheap -o guitar.
  8. I kind of wanted a cheap - o guitar but I played one of these a while back and this is what im looking for now.
  9. sorry havent really had time to be on. but everything looks good. im gunna have to sit on this tonight. and pm what guitar I want. The guy who said the blue guitar. what is that?
  10. to tell ya the truth. i like what Im seeing. Nothing is catching my eye as of yet. Anyone got any 80s guitars, agiles, xaviers. I play alot of strats so for this one I wanna stay away....
  11. looking for a lp for one of these brands.
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