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  1. I'm selling my Catalinbread Naga Viper. It's mint, with absolutely no dings, scratches, velcro, etc. I will also include the original box. There is one screw missing for the back plate though; but the plate holds up fine with just the 3 screws. I would like to get $135 PP/shipped. If you live in Canada, I might be able to take the price down a hair because I'll be spending less on shipping. Here's a pic. Willing to trade for (+/- Cash) Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe (I'd LOVE a Mini Deluxe) EP Booster Keeley Java Boost Homebrew Electronics Germania
  2. Both are in good condition and come with the box and instructions. Links to pics are below. Front of SHOD plus box/instructions pic:http://s1184.photobucket.com/albums/...1-19155613.jpg Back of SHOD with velcro and clear signs of paint removal:http://s1184.photobucket.com/albums/...1-19155705.jpg The BBB is a hybrid Si/Ge one I believe. It sounds absolutely killer! Pics for the BBB's front:http://s1184.photobucket.com/albums/...1-19160941.jpg And the back. http://s1184.photobucket.com/albums/...1-19161010.jpg http://s1184.photobucket.com/albums/...1-19161019.jpg Both prices are for North American shipping via USPS. The velcro on the bottom of the SHOD has caused the paint to peel off slightly. Its a PCB version. Anyway The SHOD is great but im looking for a Low gainer that is very transparent to kick my JTM50 into overdrive. The BBB is definitely one of the most unique fuzz pedals that can be used as an overdrive. It kinda reminded me a couple Screwdrivers Ive had but with more gain. Trades for SHOD +/- Cash: Paul C Timmy Trades for BBB07 +/- Cash: Analogman Sunface BC108/BC183s Nothing else!
  3. Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive - handwired in finland. Has some wear on the back. No velcro, and it comes with the box and instructions. -$210 shipped. Trades(+/- cash) Zvex Box of Rock Lovepedal Eternity Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe Xotic AC Booster Try me? MXR Carbon Copy V2: Mint condition, has velcro and lost its box. $100 shipped. Trades: Same as above EP Booster Badgerplex EP
  4. Did he try and convert you Bobby?? Or try and get the band to have a prayer circle before each set??
  5. Ive got a red sparkle Screwdriver in 9/10 condition. Can take pics if you request it. Comes with box and papers. No velcro. Will sell it for $170 shipped. Trades for ScrewDriver(+/- cash) Lovepedal Kalamazoo Lovepedal Eternity Area 51 wah stock. Would love to trade this for a CAE Wah, but I'd let it go for $145 shipped. Best vintage wah hands down. 9/10 condition. ONLY TRADE FOR CAE WAH MXR Carbon Copy V2 -$100 Has velcro, and no box. 10/10 condition. You can easily talk me into selling multiple pedals and give you deal. I have pics of these pedals under my gearpage account floydfanatic.
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