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  1. Our buddy, Noah (some other Noah), does production/filming/editing and did this for us. 


    [WARNING] There's no real nudity, but there is some fake drug usage (I hit a bong with tobacco in it, our friend snorts powdered sugar), and another friend is pooping but you don't get to see his weiner...:smileysad: so this could be construed as NSFW, but, you know... it's not porn. 


    Ok, anyway, hope ya likes it!


    (oh and as far as pedals, it's mostly the elements, some ernie ball wah, then on the cleans it's the grand orbiter and 616)


  2. I mean to the pedal itself.

    For example, I have a ZT Lunchbox, and my lowbrow build Dirty Bomb clone on my nightstand. What if I just never turn the pedal off. Can this hurt the pedal? Or hows about if we take a break at practice (in our buddie's basement), go upstairs, get drunk, forget about the gear, and my board stays plugged in with a pedal or two on for a week... bad? If so, how bad?

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