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  1. Nice tips! I've had an iLoud for several years now. I poo-pooed this speaker at first, didn't realize that among BT speakers this is a real stand-out. I used it alot and blew out one of the speakers. IKM sent me a replacement! Unfortunately I dropped mine when it was past the warranty period and the volume knob came off, exposing the red LEDs underneath. It has since been fixed at the volume that I had it set to, which is a bummer, it's only about 50-60% full volume. IKM also gave me an option to have money off a new purchase from their store, but there wasn't really much of a difference in their adjusted price and what I could find it for elsewhere. There was no option for them to fix it. I've had mine about 4 years and still get 2-3 hours runtime on the battery, though I'm mostly plugged in. I'm surprised to find this speaker has really held its value, June 2019. On ebay I only see new ones, around $200, though of course it originally sold for about $300, but that was quite a few years ago. I would buy another one but imagine there must be, after 4 years?, a better alternative that possibly goes louder, has more bass and is cheaper. BT speakers have really taken off as a category, it seems reasonable that there are viable options out there that ups the iLoud game, though getting something like that that ALSO can double as a studio monitor is a tall order. 111 db spl? wow. I play keys, and when I need a portable setup I use a Klipsch KMC3, which sports a 5 1/4" woofer and 2 tweeters, and about 65 watts RMS. It runs off of 8 D cell batteries when not plugged in and gets tremendous volume and sound quality. It's about 4 times the weight and size of the iLoud. However, unlike the iLoud, I wouldn't trust it as a studio monitor, more like an awesome sounding hi-fi setup. I typically have to use an EQ to tame the lows, which are overly pronounced, which was a poor decision on their part, it already has great bass. It's not made anymore, but can be found used on ebay, typically under $150. It's about the most portable setup I've found that has decent volume and bass for keys, the sound quality is 'rich'. Any other suggestions for powerful, small stereo speakers that can do keyboard duties? It's a tall order, esp since keys thrive on good stereo separation and require lots of bass capabilities.
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