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  1. I haven't been playing long at all. I have this guitar, a Saga TC-10, and an Epiphone DR-100 guitar. I really didn't have any questions about it when I bought it. If it were stolen, I would go nuts and buy a replacement right away!!! I love the look, sound, and feel of this guitar. I don't really hate anything about it. I love the neck on it! I really don't compare this with many other guitars because I don't have that much experience. I wish it already had strap locks and push-pull coil tapping. Really nice axe and with Epiphone you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a great sound. Check this guitar out.
  2. I haven't been playing very long at all. I can say safely that this is my best amp! (Especially compared to my Estaban G-10!) If it were stolen I don't know what I would do, I would be going crazy that's for sure. I don't have a whole lot of amp experience so I really can't tell you what I compare it with. I wish it had tubes and a seperate crunch channel. Good amp it was a huge blessing from GOD and I'm really happy with it.
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