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  1. Been playing for 30 years, and have been through alot of gear seeking my desired tone,and this cabinet really stands out,congrats Aguilar!
  2. I'm looking to buy one 4ohm cab that can handle 700-1000W I would prefer a Berg NV610 or Aguilar GS412.Will consiter the right Epifani cab as well. Great condition and cover would be a plus! Must be willing to ship to the Reno area or meet if you are close enough. __________________
  3. Up for trade/sale is a 60th Anniversary 2006 MIA Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe in amber with a light maple neck. SKB HSC included.Bad ass III bridge installed when it was new, orginial bridge and extra new tuner included. One small ding on the lower bout only in the clear other than just some light swrils from being played.I really hate to let this sweet playing/sounding bass go but i'm in need of a cab update. $1000 shipped to the lower 48.These are $1500 at MF Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass Features: Abolone dot inlays Graphite-reinforced maple neck with modern C shape and a satin polyurethane finish Rosewood or maple fingerboard 9-1/2" radius 22 medium-jumbo frets Chrome-plated hardware Deluxe bridge that allows either string-thru or top loading Chromeplated brass bridge saddles Lite-Bass tuners with vintage cloverleaf keys 2 dual-coil Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Jazz pickups Master volume and pan pot for pickup switching 18V 3-band active EQ In trade for bass cab or cabs. LOOKING FOR: Mesa:RR,Powerhouse Epifani UL310,410,212 BERG:B212,AE210,410 AGULAR:GS210,410,412 Preferably 4 ohm cabs but will consiter 8ohm as well.
  4. Well as you know the Mesa has sold, but i do have a GK1001RB I might be willing to part with if your interested. I do have an original Gibson EB3 custom, but i'm not ready to part with it yet. Frank
  5. For 1400 i'll pick up another 70's j-bass !
  6. Hey Danny, Did you forget to post the price? Frank
  7. Here is my MIJ Fujigen 95' Ibanez SR800 PJ style active 3 band 4 string in rare lazer blue with gigbag to trade for ? or $225 OBO plus shipping. It's setup low with new 40's and has super fast action with no issues. basspro@wildblue.net
  8. Never mind im back home. But i did find a pre fender GK goliath II for 200. Oh yeah!
  9. I just got back home. I will see him tomorrow night, so i will ask and PM you back. Thanks,Frank
  10. Oh well....Bump for a great cab. I will have to be satisfied with the SWR pre fender goliath II i just picked up today.
  11. Im heading to Vallejo today Wed, july 1st and going back to Reno on Fri 3rd hopefully we can meet up in Sac. give me a call when you get this to work out the details. Thanks,Frank cell 775 443-7509
  12. Yes, are you willing to seperate them? the 4 looks interesting. I miss my NS2A. Thanks,Frank
  13. Hey Jason, Nice, if i had'nt just bought 2 ibbys i would be all over this. I posted on the ibby site for ya and will probably go good their. I 'll cya on the ebmm side. Frank
  14. No interest? no one likes that clean fender sound and use pedals, and trip recto.... Hmmm.
  15. Hey Funky, You still got that smith? I figured it would be gone by now. BUMP.............. GL on the ps3 Take a look at my newest bass. Frank in Y town.
  16. Here is one to consiter a Fender custom shop prosonic. My guitar player was looking to trade but will probably sell in the 900-1000 range. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosonic
  17. Looking to buy a Mesa 210 or a neo 212 bass cab in good condition. Must be willing to ship to Nevada. Thanks,Frank basspro@wildblue.net UPDATE: I just picked up another 410 cab..Thanks
  18. Isn't that a '68 Silverface Champ? It looks to be around that year with the fender blacktail logo.
  19. If it's not gone allready, i'll take it.
  20. Here is my guitar players early Fender custom shop prosonic for consitered trades. He loves his blues jr. sound but not this prosonic??? it's discountinued and replaced by the super-sonic now. I think my guitar player has lost his f-in mind cuz this is one killer combo, but i guess it's not the sound he's after. So, this puppy was $1800 on sale when he bought it new in 97'. It's in pretty good condition with one small tear in the tolex top left corner as you can see in the pic. Also missing the back top plate (probably from the shop when it was retubed a few years back, and he didnt notice it because he never used it much. Has the footswitch. Strange, it has a green jewel it's (pretty cool) just not the standard red one that most have,maybe because it came from the early Fender CS run. Trade for another combo that has that killer bluesy tone of the blues jr with more power. Let me know what ya got and i'll pass it on. Thanks,Frank http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosonic
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