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  1. interesting... I wonder what the penalty would be if they win, or if GC/NAMM will settle out of court?
  2. wow... 10 years ago my ratio used to be 8:1 (songs to pedals), now it's probably closer to 1:10 I guess cheap pedals aren't always inspirational, for me anyway....
  3. greg ginn ampeg armstrong->peavey pa->homemade cabinets 80% of punk bands beat me to it... towards the end of Black Flag, Ginn's guitar was hardwired to his cable -- an on/off switch but no volume or tone knob.
  4. SRV was good, but Jimi Hendrix changed the timbre of popular music, and had fantastic chops to boot.
  5. thanks for all the pix and info! but where's the Marshall Guv'nor?
  6. I've been tipping the scales a bit lately... I'm going to cut out fast food and soda but my wife and I would like to find some healthy meals we can make at home that are low in calories, fat etc etc... Ideas? decapitation? but seriously, try a grilled chicken salad (lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. plus grilled chicken)... if you don't load up on the dressing or the cheese, it's really healthy and tasty too.
  7. Warren Ellis is indeed awesome... you don't miss the lack of "lead guitar" at all in Grinderman. and IIRC, there are a few (of Warren's?) pedals visible in the sleeve photos for the Grinderman CD... I don't have mine in front of me right now, though.
  8. both... I like overdrive, fuzz, and distortion pedals, depending on the amp
  9. other current effects manufacturers include VOX, Behringer, Tech21/Sansamp, ProCo, Morley, Maxon, ... from the past, there's Maestro, Arion, Mu-Tron, Pearl, Peavey, Yamaha, ...
  10. I would vote against the BF-3. sure, it is versatile, and is relatively quiet because it is digital. IMHO the BF-3 just doesn't sound as good as the analog Boss BF-2 Flanger, which you should be able to find used for under $50.
  11. For pedals and smaller stuff, USPS all the way... but for shipping anything big, I go to FedEx. I've shipped a few larger items w/ FedEx lately w/out any problems. UPS is notoriously terrible however (and effin' expensive). I've DHL'd a couple of things too, and those made it fine. I'll never use UPS again though. this I would add that incompetent packaging (such as the dumbass who ships a loose pedal inside a large paper envelope) will guarantee damage no matter which carrier you choose
  12. Poop. well, if you ever want to trade your Twin Reverb to me, let me know and I'll start saving up my poop....
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