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  1. yea id like a 1/2 gainer mldsaaaaabfounnnemv beer enifoa;;;;;oiiiiiii:thu::poke::rolleyes:and a barrel rol dont mapiwcdontpoeiyou ojpjwant mel;MFOOOOFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOD:idea:
  2. First post in here... I have an ampeg wall of death now..... just got a 1965 ampeg rocket 2.
  3. Does this make anyone else want a corona?
  4. The only one on my board right now
  5. klon is a cloned bad monkey in a toaster spray painted gold and hyped by people who have payed to much or have too much of their ego on the line to claim its not the best. That is all how about those chargers signing vasher, think he will start over cason?
  6. this is an early model in orange. amazing fuzz looking for a treble booster... but will consider other things.
  7. I bought this pedal after narrowing it down between this and the analogman chorus. This thing sounded much better to me and had vibrato, however I am realizing that chorus is not really my thing. I am looking for an analogman beano boost, colorsound overdriver, or pog2. For the beano I would want some cash as well or another pedal to make up for the price difference. I can drop some extra cash for the pog2 if need be... let me know what you got if your interested.
  8. sorry no sale. I am only interested in getting rid of it if I could get a skreddy or vm super delay
  9. Would be willing to trade both for a vm empress super delay or just the chorus for a hartman flanger.
  10. This is a one of a kind cabinet perfect for someone into 60's and 70's music. I wish I could keep this cab, but due to selling my truck I need a smaller cab. I have played this cab with an ampeg svt and have never turned it above 2 or 3. The cab is at my buddies house so I will try and get some pictures taken. All speakers work perfectly. This cabinet functions perfectly, but has been cosmetically changed. I peeled the tolex off the sides of the amp to make it just wood. I upgraded the old wheels to heavy duty swiveling wheels, and I replaced the black grill cloth with 60s style paisley fabric. This was done professionally over the orignal frame and has the ampeg logos attached. The grill cloth is not for everyone and if you play in a metal band paisley may not be your cup of tea... if so it would be super easy to replace the grill or just take it off. This is a great deal on one of the most iconic bass cabinets of all time. I am in San Diego so if you can make it down here the cab is yours.
  11. I am selling my sunlion I know im gonna regret it, but a hot rod strat is calling my name. Basically the best fuzz face clone and when you turn on the treble booster side it turns into a tone bender. its on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-Analogman-Sunlion-Fuzz-Treble-Booster-analog-man_W0QQitemZ130334939539QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar_Accessories?hash=item1e58915993&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
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