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  1. Originally Posted by The Great Waldo Pepper Toro Bravo is pretty rad. First time I went there I was so amazed I went again the next day. Tasty & Sons is top notch too. Nuestra Cocina is one of my favorites. In Montavilla you gotta go to Observatory and Country Cat. Bamboo... It is easier to find good food in Portland than bad food, which is why I could afford to shed a few pounds. I'm glad to hear that about Toro Bravo. I'll be going there for the first time tomorrow. I was really impressed with every aspect of the Observatory. The service and food were equally great and the price was disproportionately low. Bamboo sushi is tempting but I'll have to check the bank account before that pricey trip. Originally Posted by ||| toro bravo is cool, i remember something about the USA today head food critic eating there and saying it was the best meal he'd ever had in all his years of reviewing restaurants. i'm gonna add my favorites in each notable category i think, but it will be tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your extensive list! I've been here for 7 years but I miss out on a lot of food and drink west of the river. Lots of new places for me to try.
  2. Stutter/glitch pedals are actually really interesting with clean acoustic guitar. I have a Hexe Revolver II. I imagine that Sonic Crayon thing would be great too.
  3. Originally Posted by mmolteratx Haunting Mids is mine. Great success! EDIT: DD-20 too. Fantastic success! Nice! I'm looking forward to hearing you jam some Enter Sandman on the HM. Bob set the bar fairly high in his demo vid.
  4. Nice job, Bob. Thanks for spending the time (and moolah) to put this together.
  5. God I hate you. It's idiots like you who drive up the price of vintage gear. You don't know diddly {censored} about what makes these things work and sound the way they do, you just think you know what's what because of what some tone guru told you or what you read on some website. Seriously, go {censored} yourself.
  6. Thanks, Bob. I'm happy to contribute. I'll be making a few more donations using some dusty Visa gift cards I've had sitting around for too long Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Cbread Echorec...
  7. 18% off at 8th Street Music (pre-order)
  8. Originally Posted by Poltergeist all that gear and such a {censored} live tone. Lol. Ironically, I agree with that for the early-mid 90's live sound but the past four or five times I've seen him (with Zwan and the reformed Pumpkins), it's sounded really good.
  9. It was a lot of fun, guys. Especially awesome to hear Howard and Andy demo the pedal! The hangover today is totally worth it.
  10. Dammit...will try to make it!!! I'm doing some volunteer work for NW Medical Teams the next day, so WHO WILL DRIVE ME DOWN THE ROAD LATER THAT NIGHT??? ....yeah di'nt think so... I'll still try to make it! You've gotta come, Randy. I'm almost out of Peach Habanero jam!
  11. Originally Posted by Aaron SS My thoughts exactly. I need the exact dimensions because I want to know if it will fit in my rack or not... Evan - GAS rising BIG time for an OR15 It's 16x7x8 if you're planning removing the rubber feet. Otherwise, about 16x7x8.5"
  12. Well my fear is that this is a huge expense for retailers. Especially if they cover shipping both ways. I've never heard of this. Who does that?
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