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  1. zombioki

    WTTF: FUZZzzz

    jhs pedals made a fuzz pedal for switchfoot...
  2. that's lame. well i think you were the smart one. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2577236
  3. Yeah, I want one too. Ask him if there is enough interest if he will make another batch.
  4. Title says it all. PM me if you got one you don't need.
  5. nm, I suck at readng. I live in Long Beach, I'll take the Ghost Echo, when can you meet?
  6. Title says it all. When I got it, it didn't have the little bag for the head. $525 shipped. Possible trades for some pedals (blackout effectors, earthquaker devices, etc.)
  7. I have these pedals for sale/ trade. Prices tied to each includes shipping and is negotiable. Lovepedal Fuzz 50- works perfectly. $140 Moog Phaser- $200, needs power supply Monster Effects Swamp Thang- replicates fender brown face tremolo. second gen medium sized housing- $150 EH Wiggler- trem/vibrato, runs on 2 12ax7's- $140 I also have a modded orange tiny terror with the mercury magnetics transformer upgrade, don't have the gig bag it came with-$525 Looking for: Earthquaker devices Grand Orbiter, Ghost Echo, Hoof Fuzz or Tone Reaper Blackout Effectors Phaser, or Musket Fuzz Zvex non-vextor Fuzz Factory Skinpimp MKIII MXR 10 band eq Malekko chikclet or b:assmaster Really good 808 clones... let me know what you have, might have some cash to sweeten the deals. not looking for standard pedals really. Hit me up!
  8. Lovepedal Fuzz 50- $125 EH Wiggler w/ Power Supply and wood box- $125 Decided to keep Red Llama.
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