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  1. hey, I might reconsider actually. How much is the total cost for the laney plus shipping to indianapolis? If it's less than $425 or you pay for shipping, I'll buy it from you.
  2. Yes, I like chunk and body in my cleans, that's why most fenders don't do it for me. Most of them are very sterile.
  3. surprising, actually. There are three preamp gain stages so it's not geared toward the fender twin group but there's a good clean in there. I only have V30s so I can't say how much shimmer or depth there really is, not really the speaker for it. What kind of clean are you referring to as your "good clean"? Well, I just want to have enough headroom to run it at small gig volume and have it still be relatively clean.
  4. okay, I just have to get my acro in working condition and then sell my current snare (http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ludwig-Bronze-Snare-Drum?sku=447759) and I'm down! The bronze is just too loud and bright.
  5. oh wow!!! I've been looknig for a wood snare!!! Any chance for trades for an Acro or Ludwig Bronze Rocker? If not, I'll try to sell one of them to get the cash for this!
  6. I cannot get the fast track pro to work with my current computer recording set up, so if you are selling a similar product (with at least the features of the fast track pro), don't hesitate to pm me! (the fast track pro is for sale if you would like to purchase it for $150) Thanks!
  7. I would love to buy this, man. But I don't have the cash. If I do and it's still here, I will for sure buy it
  8. if that traynor lasts til this summer... oh man.
  9. My brother's Classic 50 had this issue when you cranked the master.
  10. I'm really enjoying my Dl4. The looper is great for jamming, noise things....
  11. i was all till I saw $233. out of my cymbal budget for now.
  12. Evens? I believe it's Evans.
  13. oh, I hope this gets to a good home! That's sexy as all hell. Clips please! (if only this would stick around to when I'll have money to blow!)
  14. hey, just wondering, what kinda tones do you get out of this? I've never played one of the old mesas, only the new ones.
  15. This one was in pieces when I got it. The back was split in half, the top was in three pieces, neck off, etc. The before pics were lost. EG is that a harmony? If so, that guitar (another one of it, of course) is in my brother's room right now.
  16. not going to be buying these, I'm scoring some paiste dimensions for $40
  17. With pedals, yes. The Ac30 is a very versatile amp. I'm an AC30 fanboy by the way. ( IMHO, a lot of the brutal metal tone shit comes from the cabs and speakers.)
  18. Sorry! I want it, but if anything I need to downsize.
  19. haha, just like mine but mine's the other finish.
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