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  1. Hi guys, Looking for a mini bedroom amp, for some noodling around. I've looked at the review of most 1-6Watt amps, and 2 stood out for me. I need further help, with what amp you'd recommend me, more for Jazz, soul, funk, and ez-listening, as well as noodling around. Blackstar Fly 3 VS Roland Micro Cube VS Vox mini 5, which one to get? I like that the Roland sounds clean, and has lots of effects. I like that the Blackstar can be equipped with an extension cabinet, and is smaller. Is also quite cheap! Vox is also a good contender, but is a bit on the expensive side. All sound great to me! Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Just for reference, I've eliminated following amps from the list, as they were lacking sound quality, effects, options, or just looks. So following amps I would not want anyway: Pignose (no effects, ugly) Boss Katana Mini (price, and I just wasn't found for their sound) Laney (doesn't sound very bright, which I find necessary for clean guitar) Fender Mini '57 Twin (no effects) Yamaha amps (price) Most sub 3Watt amps aren't loud enough imho. So anything below 3Watts I won't even consider (like Fender MD 20, or Marshall MS-2) Any 10W amp or higher is overkill to me.
  2. A Moog clone, at half the price, but still twice to trice the price of Behringer's version.
  3. One is active and more expensive than the other. In terms of sound, how do they compare? We don't have the contemporary active models in store.
  4. If so, how much Quality difference between this and a Bose L1? Considering that the Behringer is less than half the price at $400 VS $1000 for the Bose.
  5. Do you think Behringer's new Oddyssey, will cut some market share of their Deepmind synths? In what way do they differ from one another, and for what audience in mind are they made?
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