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  1. Hi guys, Looking for a mini bedroom amp, for some noodling around. I've looked at the review of most 1-6Watt amps, and 2 stood out for me. I need further help, with what amp you'd recommend me, more for Jazz, soul, funk, and ez-listening, as well as noodling around. Blackstar Fly 3 VS Roland Micro Cube VS Vox mini 5, which one to get? I like that the Roland sounds clean, and has lots of effects. I like that the Blackstar can be equipped with an extension cabinet, and is smaller. Is also quite cheap! Vox is also a good contender, but is a bit on the expensive side. All sound great to me! Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Just for reference, I've eliminated following amps from the list, as they were lacking sound quality, effects, options, or just looks. So following amps I would not want anyway: Pignose (no effects, ugly) Boss Katana Mini (price, and I just wasn't found for their sound) Laney (doesn't sound very bright, which I find necessary for clean guitar) Fender Mini '57 Twin (no effects) Yamaha amps (price) Most sub 3Watt amps aren't loud enough imho. So anything below 3Watts I won't even consider (like Fender MD 20, or Marshall MS-2) Any 10W amp or higher is overkill to me.
  2. A Moog clone, at half the price, but still twice to trice the price of Behringer's version.
  3. One is active and more expensive than the other. In terms of sound, how do they compare? We don't have the contemporary active models in store.
  4. If so, how much Quality difference between this and a Bose L1? Considering that the Behringer is less than half the price at $400 VS $1000 for the Bose.
  5. Do you think Behringer's new Oddyssey, will cut some market share of their Deepmind synths? In what way do they differ from one another, and for what audience in mind are they made?
  6. I'll give this a meagre 7, because the price did not make this device a super buy! Yes, it's a good buy compared to boss pedals, it has more feats than the ME-50B, but it's processing core is too slow to reduce lag (latency) , and get a perfect and warm reverb! The device is well enough made, and if you take care for it it will last you a lifetime (probably)! If you're on stages where possible beer cups fall, and guitars, or where the drummer could step on the device, you may be better off with a BOSS pedal, (made out of metal). I find I have no complaints about this device, though I did wish the reverb was better, the EQ was more advanced, and the input signal could be set to lower instruments! The instrument input is made for basses. But if you want to use it with a mic, this pedal won't do it! The input signal for mics is too low for this device. I wished they had created this device with a PAD knob, at least allowing mic sound to be amplified too. Mic volumes can only be heard, when ALL volume settings are maxed out, EQ is maxed out, and compressor is maxed out. Then you can hear a shallow voice through the mic! Would I advise this pedal? Perhaps, perhaps not. I'd wait until they straightened out these things, and perhaps get a zoom pedal. They are less in quality, but are almost half the price (or get a zoom 2 pedal). This device looks good, and sounds ok. Zoom looks bad, and sounds great! Line 6 sounds better, but costs 2-3x as much. And boss, like usual is overpriced.
  7. @Amigo: What makes you say Deltalab is not a quality gear? @Hangwire: I have an XLR to Jack converter plug, so the pedalboard does not need an XLR input. You probably mean the digitech RP255 ? (It's black but under a wrong light may seem purplish... I've noticed Digitech has 24 bit sound encoding, the same as Behringer. On itself it would suffice, but not for a high quality reverb, where artifacts of lower bit encoding are being reverbed too, and you get a metallic-ish reverb sound. That's not so good! For all other effects, 24 bit DSP is quite enough. I've seen the Zoom does 32 bit processing, but with 24bit AD/DA conversion. The opposite from the DeltaLabs (I presume). It looks more ugly, but costs less (I can get the Zoom for $30 less, but don't want to spend $70 on something that may have issues).. A race between the Zoom and the deltalabs... The deltalabs has a 4 band eq, the zoom a 3 band eq... Need more researching...
  8. sorry guys, but that pedal is $400. I'm looking more into sub $100 pedals :-/ Besides, it's so large! I mainly need to enable/disable reverb/room reverb, and change the volume. An EQ will be a welcome extra...
  9. DeltaLab caught my attention, since it uses 32bit DA/AD conversion, so far their manual does not say in how many bits the reverb is calculated. (I wrote them but haven't heard from them since). So far, I'm struggling a bit to choose between the bass or the guitar pedal. Usually guitars have frequencies between 80Hz and 2kHz. Basses use frequencies between 30Hz and 6kHz Soprano saxes use frequencies between 200Hz and 6kHz. Tenors between 100Hz and 6kHz Since guitars don't really need any frequency above 2kHz (aside from fret noise that does not get amplified anyway, because guitar rigs don't have tweeters), and basses generally have more clean settings with effects, I tend to believe that I should go with the bass effects processor. I've done some youtubing, and reading up on some reviews, and believe out of all these brands the DeltaLab has good electronics, superior sound quality to the other brands, is made smaller, but also weaker (plastic shell); it has an easier patch editing system, and looks way nicer. I think of buying this pedal board! Anyone can still give me some valid arguments to change my opinion? I have not A/B-ed these pedals so I don't know if all reviews and vids I've seen gave me somewhat a correct image of the differences between these devices? I wish I could try before buying them. Ow, and one final question: You think it's possible with an adaptor plug to plug in a vocal mic? Or you think the signal will be too low? Thanks!
  10. So I've been looking for a best multi effects pedal, cheap, for saxophone, but I believe it also applies to vocals or piano/synth! So far ebay, amazon and musiciansfriend show 4 brands of pedals under $100, that have an expression pedal. 1- Behringer 2- Zoom 3- DeltaLab 4- Digitech I am mainly looking for an effects pedal for clean sound. I don't care about cab sim, fuzz, buzz, distortion and all that. Just reverb, a bit of chorus, eq, and volume, with an expression pedal next to it, like this one!: I found that Behringer's reverbs sound metallic, because they are processed in 24bit. ZOOM and Digitech's also get processed in 24 bit, but one of the two compensates this by increasing the sampling frequency (96kHz, 24 bit), the other by using a DA/AD converter of 32 bit, and do reverb processing at 24 bit.
  11. ok, I guess the post was too long. it posts both parts without problems. I'm deleting this thread, thanks for your help :-)
  12. I'll do more testing to see if I cut the thread in 2, which parts get posted, and which needs moderation. Then I'll delete this thread, and start a clean one.
  13. seriously dude, what are you trying to do? you can edit your first post in this thread and write your question down there. It won't post. tried it before, it tells me the mods need to approve my message. That's probably the deltalabs multi effects unit Hiwatt Bob saw for a second, it's a single pic within the thread. I've scanned the post for links, or bad words, but could not find any save for the link to the effects unit.
  14. I'll just wait until the mods approve the message. It was about effects pedals and some technical details etc..
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