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  1. Up for sale is a rare and hard to find Epifani Quest II boutique bass preamplifier w/ rack ears in mint condition. (no foot pedal included)

    This unique, 2-channel preamp design allows the user to toggle between two separate foot switchable channels, employ dual instrument inputs and access a foot switchable mid-cut switch for killer slap tone on demand! Other features include a 3-band equalizer with sweepable mid-range, preamp mute and treble shift. Back panel features include: Pedal controller input ( ch1/ch2), AC line in with USA/Europe voltage, direct out with level control and pre/post EQ selector, ground lift, preamp out, tuner out, effects send and return with series/parallel selector.

    Epifani Quest II Bass Preamp Features:

    • 2 foot switchable channels

    • Dual instrument inputs

    • Mute button with LED indicator

    • Channel 1 controls (gain, bass, mid, treble, mid-cut)

    • Channel 2 controls (gain, bass, mid, treble, treble-shift, parametric mid EQ)

    • On/off switch

    • Master volume control

    • D.I. with level control and pre/post EQ selector

    • Ground lift

    • Tuner out

    • Effects send/return with series/parallel selector

    • Pedal controller: ch1/ch2, mute/tuner, mid-cut

    • AC line in with USA/Europe voltage
    They are not made anymore and are very hard to come by. I hate to sell this coveted preamp, but I need the $ to fund another purchase. Mint condition.$525obo shipped ConUS



    • 01-28-10_2215.jpgI have (2)2000 Modulus Genesis 5 string Jazz basses FS/FT. Both are clear gloss with 5A tops and figured maple fingerboards. 1-quilt top w Bart 2band, 1-flame top w/Bart 3band electronics. I have 1 modulus hard case (ok shape) 1st bass sold or traded gets it. 35"scale

    • These are great playing and sounding basses. Reason I'm selling is I'm looking to get back to some 4 string action, and as a musician something must go to get something new in. You know how it is...

    • Asking 1400.00 each plus shipping. ConUS only.

    • Trades I'm looking for are 4 string:

      Fender, Sadowsky, Modulus, Rickenbacker

      5 String: Sadowsky jazz

    • 01-28-10_2213.jpgwww.bigrobmusic.com

      If interested contact me. EMAIL: bassplayerrob@gmail.com

    SEE PICTURE: http://s291.photobucket.com/albums/ll306/RDMJAZZ/Basses/Modulus%20Genesis/
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