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  1. ya for trying to communicate an idea with words the other party doesn't know. it's a perfectly cromulent way to embiggen your superiority. beats crying yourself to sleep everynight.... which i seem to do regardless:cry:
  2. This has become one of my favorite words of all time. You can call girls letcher's say your tired of their letchery.... say it to a women publicly, like a rude cashier, waitress who won't give you the time of day or even your superiors...... and there is a 98% chance they won't know what it means.... If I'm lucky this weekend I'll be able to say how much I love someone's letchery. I encourage you all to give it a try this weekend, it's best served with an olde english accent. for those who don't know the definition it's an old word for slut.
  3. Novelty good bye threads are dumb. If you're gonna go just go. Otherwise I welcome your continued participation. K I'm out for some guiness and wings, bye folks!
  4. i'm outa here too, it was my new years resolution. should we make this legit and start a series of porn threads?
  5. i spend too much time here.... oh, i have to say something racy? ok {censored}{censored}BANANAS! i hope no young kids r watching and 2.0 looks terrible.
  6. im happy to didnt sell u my wooly mammoth whats up man? why u so upset with us??!? I'm not upset with u guys, just can't spend all this time on here anymore... u should PM me your email as I might still buy that from you..
  7. was about to look in the back of a music store... got destracted... some other guy went in the back and came out with a roland jet phase for 40$
  8. why are you still here? :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: it's hard to let go so fast:cry:
  9. it actually kills your father and molests your mother.....
  10. At do something to get perma-bant asshole. :poke: name it
  11. is he gone yet? OMFG thats a crap board... batteries?? LOL... for my ebow
  12. I spend too much time on here... and with 2.0 on it's way... what better time. p.s. most of your are losers and can suck my dick I realized I never posted my Board... here it is if anyone cares
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