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  1. I was in Cleveland last week on business and my boss took a whole crew of us out to a local place to see "his favorite band" -- the Spazmatics. Near as I can tell, this is a franchise, as there are a half-dozen or so bands with the same name and booking agent around the country. Dressed like over-the-top nerds, they put on a great show and the club was filled with people of all ages. The sets consist of all 80s material, and the lead singer is The Show: Great voice, great front man. The instrumentation was guitar, bass, drums, plus the lead singer. I don't think anyone else in the crowd realized they were playing to tracks. I don't know where they thought the keyboards, extra guitar tracks and perfect harmonies were coming from; but they didn't seem to care. Given that most local scenes are now dominated by tribute bands and other nostalgia groups; is this the future? Doesn't anyone want to hear live music from the last 20 years? Are the Spazmatics the leading edge of a movement to "brand" the human jukebox?
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