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  1. Along with the vinyl resurgence, is the resurgence of multi-channel surround sound. Quadrophonic sound was all the rage for 4 or 5 years in the 1970s. Now multi-channel sound is back with SACD, DVD-A, and Blu-Ray Audio media instead of SQ, QS, and CD-4 vinyl. Today's multi-channel can be remastered quad mixes from the 1970s (4.0), newly remixed classic albums in 5.1 surround sound, or new releases with a 5.1 surround sound mix available.
  2. An ES-335 with an unusually low mass would immediately make me take a look through the F-holes to see if there was really a centre block installed. By the way, a fully hollow ES-335 is called an ES-330.
  3. I've done it two ways: 1.) Using a glass scoring tool with a fixed (non-roller) carbide steel scoring blade -- the tool you normally use to cut glass. You score the line and snap the piece off like you would if you were cutting glass. 2.) You can also use a jigsaw blade made specifically for cutting acrylic sheets. This is the preferred way if you are cutting thick sheets, because it will take forever using the scoring method to achieve a sufficient break line. You may need to lightly sand the cut edges with 200 grit wet-or-dry if burrs are left after the cutting process. BTW, glass can be considered a liquid that never quite "freezes." .
  4. You can build them quite easily by yourself. You just cut up sheets of the PMMA acrylic stock of your choice, to the dimensions you need, and assemble it using quick setting clear epoxy.
  5. 12-inch bass speakers are only an oddity if they aren't in a bass combo amp. Otherwise, there are lots of bass combo amps with a 12-inch speaker, and these usually have 50 or more watts of power. The number of 2x12 and 4x12 bass cabinets on the market compared to 2x10 and 4x10 bass cabinets is hugely lopsided towards the 10-inch equipped bass cabinets.
  6. Crumar... Now there's a blast from the cosmic 1970s past along with the likes of EKO and Elka. It must be a relic.
  7. These Bogner pedals are very worthy pedals in the "amp in a pedal" format. Both are based on each of the two channels of the expensive boutique Bogner Ecstasy amplifier. I slightly lean towards the "blue channel" pedal only because it's a tad more versatile than the "hot" red channel pedal. About all I can say is the Herr Bogner definitely did his homework on these pedals.
  8. I would probably give the surface a wipe down with a rag modestly wetted with lacquer thinner just to make sure the oil finish was very thin (and clean) before shooting nitro onto that surface.
  9. Maybe. The headstock really needs ventilated open air drying as opposed to sealed-in-a-box drying to guarantee a stable finish.
  10. A couple of prerequisites before I begin the test driving process: I need the ability to isolate myself from the Ritchie Blackmore and Eddie Van Halen wannabees, so I might walk off with an electric geetar into the acoustic room for some unplugged analysis listening for fret buzz, buzzing truss rod, etc. The salesforce needs to let me be until I actually need them.
  11. A PAC-112 will have a 3-piece body. A PAC-012 and an EG-112 will have a 4 or 5 piece body.
  12. For a quickie 7-stringer, you could just get yourself an Ibby 8-stringer acoustic and take a string off when needed.
  13. SSDs are great for production drives as well as system boot drives. They have relatively fast sustained transfer speed and essentially zero seek times compared to a conventional hard drive. However, you do NOT ever want to use an SSD for anything that resembles long term storage, because you can slowly begin losing file content on an SSD that has not been powered on for a period of time. Same thing goes for a USB thumb drive. Even if you've converted everything to SSD storage, you still need a conventional hard drive around to keep files backed up and safe. Flash memory is a charge trapping device. Each storage cell traps an analogue voltage that is encoded and decoded as a bit pattern. A flash memory cell can contain a voltage level that is the equivalent of 1 bit (SLC), 2 bits (MLC), or even 3 bits (TLC). The newest and least expensive SSDs (and thumb drives) per gigabyte use TLC flash memory. One of 8 voltage levels is written into each TLC flash memory cell. One cell can hold a byte on a TLC-based storage device. Holding a trapped voltage over time is a challenge, especially when it's eight slightly different voltages! So, what you have here with flash-based SSDs is a disaster more-or-less waiting to happen. The *only* thing between you and disaster with an SSD is the drive's controller and its firmware. The firmware has to perform regular patrol reads across all of the flash memory cells in use, so as to detect problems before they begin to occur (well, hopefully, as some firmware has proven to not be very good at that task). If a potential problem is detected in a cell, the whole sector (usually 512 bytes) of data is moved to a so-called spare sector that the SSD has plenty of (compared to a conventional hard drive).
  14. It might be the nickel plating unbonding from the steel windings. Otherwise, I've never run into such a problem. If it's for real, you should be able to see metallic "sparkles" on your fingers under sufficient magnification and good strong full-spectrum lighting.
  15. I've been to that store and another one in Milwaukee several years ago. They're not too far apart -- just outside Chi-town. Both were decent stores (at that time) with a lot of used stuff.
  16. EVH has been known to drink a *lot* of cheap wine on special occasions (just ask The Red Rocker). Maybe that's the source of those "cheap sounding wood" opinions? Maybe it's the tonewood located in the amplifier's EQ section that's the cause of all those strong mids, ...including those haunting mids and probably even those problematic cheap mids, too.
  17. There should be plenty of hardwood lumberyards in your area that can supply relatively inexpensive nice hardwood lumber stocks of northern ash, alder, maple, and plenty of other suitable species for such projects.
  18. Well, I'm glad that you found a good MIA PV Predator, coz, I never have run into one yet that was anything beyond sufficient. PV's high-endish MIA geetars of the past 15 years or so are usually quite excellent. But, the bargain basement MIA stuff from the 1980s and 1990s seemed to rarely occupy such a lofty position in the geetar kingdom. These were all CNC-manufactured guitars, back when making guitar bodies and necks via a CNC mill was something new and advanced.
  19. The song isn't bad -- it was probably their best song. However, the band was an unmitigated teeny bopper rubbish heap.
  20. Hey Skyforger, do you still have your Strat collection?
  21. 3 strings, but with a standard 6-string-width neck? Like a 6-stringer with the G, B, and high-E strings missing? If this is the case, any normal pickup will still work just fine. If the 3 strings are evenly separated across the neck or if stay where they normally would be it doesn't matter as long as the 6-stringer's nut and bridge are not changed out. However, if you have a thin neck on this experimental rig, and the strings are farther apart than normal, then, how about a couple of single coil rail pickups mounted near each other that can act as a humbucker when switched in? Angle mount them like a Mustang pickups, but closer together near the bridge.
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