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  1. Can you explain what's going on with the SG? I am easily confused Yeah...I don't get it either...what model is that and what has been customized? That's not a stock model of some brand, is it?
  2. Overall...considering I got this used for $550...it is absolutely amazing. It is honestly the best guitar I've ever played...and I've had some nice guitars over the years.
  3. To the poster: Are you suggesting that the hum is abnormal and needs attention? Is this still available?
  4. An overall 9 for doing what it intends to do very well, and for the quality and price.
  5. I think it's a great sounding, well made pedal for a really decent price. I would probably replace it if lost or stolen. I like it...it's perfect for me.
  6. One of the best and most useful pedals I've ever owned. Great classic OD tones and a quiet, transparent clean boost...soild build. What more could you ask for?
  7. schenkadere

    Carvin XV-112

    Overall, a solid 9. There are a lot of great features, great tones and tons of power in this small footprint combo. Made in the USA with great quality. Simply a great amp.
  8. For the price, it's a very good pedal that gives you quite a bit of control although, again, it is a very subtle effect.
  9. I'm a tone nut who likes solid state amps and effects pedals, with that in mind, this amp allows you to really key in your own sound. It is very clean and pure...it will bring out the positives and negatives to your technique and your instrument. I really wish it had reverb, but I must say, it is a real solid player and is quite handsome with it's vintage look.
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