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  1. DOD Vibrothang...not super weird, but a little different.
  2. I've bought and sold way too many. I finally cleared the lot and bought cheap but good, settling on my and for light-med dirt and a FAB D-1 Distortion for high gain...that, a tuner and delay...that's it. Funny that the FAB sounds better than distortions I've used that cost 10X more.
  3. As a standalone or as a boost? I think the SD-1 is a great overall OD especially for a boost. The best stand alone OD I've found is the Deltalab TO-1...smoothest I've ever had...which is my bag.
  4. I personally think they sound great and the newer ones don't seem to have the volume drop. But...if you play with any amount of gain, you hear the effect coming through loud and clear...tick, tick tick...rendered it unusable for me. I had two different brand new units and both did the same.
  5. I hate Steve Lukather's tone. Yeah...his tone mostly sucks. He had some good tones on the old Toto albums, but now it's horrendous.
  6. Assuming I'm using my current 2 channel amp(clean & od)with reverb: Tuner, distortion, delay. I could survive with just a 2 channel amp w/ reverb.
  7. The Distortron is very amp-like. Nice Marshall sound. I'd pick that between the two. What sound are you looking for? What gear are you using and what type of music do you play?
  8. I hope you never have to contact them...I had the Pleasure Trem 5000...I had no luck through email or telephone...never replied.
  9. Nice playing! I must admit, this is by far the best ST-2 demo I've heard. It actually sounded rather good... I'll tell ya...this pedal surprised the crap out of me. I expected the worst, but tried it out of curiosity and cuz Marty Friedman made it sound good...glad I did. I would normally never look twice at Boss dirt....well, Boss anything really.
  10. It does sound pretty nice, actually- nothing to keep me away from my HM-2, though. I bought that pedal when it first came out in '83. At the time it was the best thing going for metal. I gave it to Billy Milano from SOD/MOD in'85. Glad you enjoy yours.
  11. Sounded GREAT to me. You were getting a nice warm overdrive tone out of it with good lows and mids. I didn't mind the delay at all. I thought it sounded good. Excellent playing too! Why thank you. The overdrive is very warm...one it gets into higher gain it gets very compressed so it does lose some lows which doesn't really bother me at all...but at lower gain settings, it sounds very natural. I prefer the lower gain OD settings of this pedal to the lead channel of my Delta Blues...much more dynamic. Another great thing is how well this pedal cleans up. You could essentially set your highest desired gain and ride your volume through the night.
  12. Just don't take the personal attacks too personally No one takes themselves too seriously, or if they do, they usually get heckled for it quick enough. You make some good points, I'd like to hear more from this pedal. I wish it was a bit more interesting looking. Yeah...it doesn't exactly scream "try me".
  13. Well, I just thought it would be cool for people who hadn't heard it at all...I know the quality wasn't great, but for the 10 minutes it took to throw it together, it gives a general idea. For $99 I think it's fantastic. It's a very personal thing, obviously, and it suits my playing and my ear very well. For that price tag, I thought folks should at least give it a fair shake. It's readily available which is nice so you can at least give it a test run. If you hate it...fine...if you like it...great. It's just stupid to get pounced on. How many of the video/audio quality complainers or the should have done this, should have done that complainers actually make any videos or sound clips to assist fellow players? To me, it's an out front lead players pedal...probably why Boss got Marty Friedman to demo it. Sorry if I didn't attempt the styles to accommodate everyone.
  14. Next time I'll get the Andy from proguitarshop seal of approval for all demos posted. Geez...just thought people may be curious about a recently released pedal...didn't realize it carried so much controversy and need for criticism. I propped a Flip camera on my bed and played...sorry it's not a Hollywood production. Great place here! I can't imagine why I ever stopped posting.
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