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  1. sidecarjoeg

    Fostex VF-16

    For the time I bought it it really was the best bang for the buck. Typical home PC's were just too slow for multi track recording and their respective interfaces were just terrible. A dedicated hard disk recorder was well over $2500, so this was a great option. Once I got the Art TPS with the ADAT out I was able to then get 10 tracks on analog in, which I still use to this day. It works great as a recording head. Punch ins/outs are a snap also. I typically use the automated ones and have never had an issue, other than poor placement occasionally on my side, but that's my fault, not the unit's. I once tried doing mixdowns and whatnot with it, but it is definitely not set up for that. There are only 2 analog outs and you can't patch them back in to tracks. So I ended up dumping the tracks to a computer and using Cool Edit Pro for my track cleanup and mixing. I highly recommend going the SCSI -> PC route. Since it dumps the tracks as regular wav files there really is no reason not to. It does a great job, but I am looking to upgrade to a direct PC setup... after 8 years of decent use. I recommend this unit to anyone and seeing that you can get them for as low as $150 on e-bay, they are definitely worth it! So if it were stolen, first off I'd be pretty ticked since I've sort of become attached to it. Secondly I'd probably go out and buy an M-Audio 1010 or Layla 3G or something and skip the SCSI hard drive step.
  2. If anyone has this schematic (MX9000) out there, I'm looking to buy a readable copy. Even if you don't have one, any tips on where to find one would be nice. Mine has most of the mike pre channels going bad to the point where they are unuseable, even with an outboard pre. I'm down to about 9 good ones!!! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  3. sidecarjoeg

    Rode NT-1000

    It is a large diaphram mike. You can check out their site for all the official specs. I have used this mike for a few things. It really sings on vocals. I have used it for myself and a few other vocalists and with almost no eq'ing it sounds great! It is crystal clear and very detailed. Course, that is with the Art tube preamp. With the Behringer preamp it seemed to lose some of that life. I also have used this on cello and acoustic guitar. It is easier to get a good sound out of the guitar. Cello, partially because I have played for so long, is tricky to get "that sound" out of and I think alot is to blame on my room. Just for the fun of it I tried it as a drum overhead. Unquestionably awesome! It picks up cymbals perfectly! The added brightness really shines here. It is not harsh, either. It has a slightly cleaner sound that my AKG C1000's in stereo. I also tried it on a distorted guitar amp, about 2 - 3 feet away and it sounded very good. I play primarily metal and was looking for a good tone for my cd. It actually sounded really well but wasn't exactly what I wanted. Would work great for leads and possibly clean. If I had the money and was doing more recording I would buy another of these in a heartbeat. This is unquestionably one of the best mikes I've ever had the privledge to own. It is built really rugged but it is also rather large and heavy, so it limits some of its versatility. But, hey, its a large diaphram, its going to be big. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great sounding mike for not a ton of money.
  4. sidecarjoeg

    Ibanez RG550

    I've been playing 2.5 years now and I definitely have realized that I absolutely hate most Ibanez guitars. I've played tons of different types, brands, and styles of guitars now and out of all of them I mostly prefer Jacksons. Even with that said, the RG550 definitely stands out of the pack. I think it has to do with the maple fretboard since every guitar I've played with a rosewood fretboard feels reall "cheap" to me. The natural tone of the guitar is pretty good and with my modifications it definitely sounds really good and is extremely versitile. Considering that I mostly play thrash/speed metal in a band called Last Will, I don't really NEED the versitility, but I wanted a guitar that I could hack apart and not care about. Overall I prefer my US Jackson KV over this guitar but if it were stolen I would be one ticked off mofo. I've grown used to it and I really enjoy playing it. I would definitely say get one of these if you can. They're a really good bang for your buck.
  5. sidecarjoeg

    Washburn XB-500

    I have been playin bass for 2 years. I've plugged this bass into different setups, and it sounds great in most of them. It has rock bottom low end. The low B can be kinda touchy and muddy at times, though. I think once I put new strings on it it will feel/sound much better. The old strings seem to be muddier now, much looser, get out of tune more often, and sound very dead. I never changed the strings during the whole 2 years I played and they were not changed at the store during its minimum 6 month wait there. But, the bass itself is great. I just wish the individual pickups weren't so noisy, of course the battery could just be getting low. This bass is alittle pricey, but it is extrememly playable and instead of worrying where the strings are and whatnot you can focus on just playing and having fun.
  6. sidecarjoeg

    Jackson King-V

    I've been playing for 1.5 years. This guitar RULZ!!! For the price I payed, this guitar was very worth it. I would probably even pay as much as $800 for this exact guitar. It just rulz. If you're thinking about getting a King V, don't wait any longer!!! These guitars sound superb, play great, are durable as heck, and if you take care of them will last a long time.
  7. sidecarjoeg

    Rogue LX200

    I have been playing guitar 1.5 years, and this guitar was my first one. After playing a bunch of guitars, I realize how lucky I am with this thing. If you play an Ibanez S series guitar, this thing is EXACTLY the same. The only difference is that it only has 1 humbucker and the cord plug is right at the bottom of the curve so that when you sit down with it on a bed or something it jams into the bed and loosens up and makes some ground noises. Other than that problem this guitar rulz!!! I have a US Jackson King V, and I would say that this guitar is almost as good as the V.
  8. This pedal is crap. Save your money, you'll be better off playing clean. For like $40 more you can buy a really kick butt pedal that will last you a long time and is ALOT more flexible (the Boss MT-2). I play metal, OLD Metallica/Megadeth, Testament, Sanctuary, Overkill, Helloween, etc, etc... This pedal does nothing for any of those styles or any of any styles. It is absolute garbage. It doesn't even make a good doorstop cuz its not heavy enough. I sold it for $10 to a local music store, but I shoulda burned it.
  9. This pedal works with OLD Metallica and Testament specifically. You do need some other pedal to get the highs with, though, and it must be run in parallel and you need a noise gate on it, even if just on this pedal itself. The only reason I keep this pedal around is for that rare "Growl" that it produces, but it is noisy and by itself sounds more like an angry bear in in the woods. Not a very flexible pedal, either. I would only get this pedal if it were cheap and you were looking for something different and had other pedals to work with and you really wanted to experiment. Otherwise, just get a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone.
  10. I play metal. OLD Metallica/Megadeth, Testament, Overkill, Sanctuary, Helloween, etc, etc... Currently I'm using this pedal as a makeshift mike preamp for recording into my computer. I always find uses for the thing, though. Really handy to have around. I wish I had another one, really. If I got stolen, I'd but 2 more of 'em. It's a very usefull pedal for recording. Another interesting thing I've been using it for is changing my sound. I started putting it in parallel with my Metal Zone and can really get a tight and awesome sound out of it for soloing and whatnot. Considering that I payed $5 for this one and $5 for another dead one and made one good one out of the two makes this pedal a freakin steal. If you are just starting to get serious about guitars and/or recording, I suggest you get one.
  11. I play alot of heavy metal. I mean REAL heavy metal like OLD Megadeth/Metallica, Testament, Overkill, Helloween, Sanctuary, etc, etc. This pedal isn't really used in much metal, but I like it alot for solos and clean stuff. I have 2 guitars now, a Rogue with a Full Shred pickup in the bridge and a US Jackson King V with Jackson pickups. I run these through a MT-2 Metal Zone and then into a heavily modified Peavey TNT150 bass head. If someone stole this pedal I would definately get another one. I like this one better than Boss's pedal, it just seems more flexible to me. Honestly, I think this pedal really rox for doing clean stuff. Most people don't use flanger on clean stuff but it really adds a mysterious flare. My only gripe with this pedal is that I don't know what the delay knob does. When its in one extreme is just makes it do not much of anything. But, once again, it could just be my half-dead one that must have been in a flood or something. I love the thing, though. If you're thinking about one, get it, it will be a good addition to your setup.
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