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  1. Trade for a '59 Fender Bassman pedal?
  2. Sorry guys, I should have posted that I have a pending deal.
  3. Can't help you with that man, but here's a good luck to you bump. Oh and do yourself a favor. Hire yourself a female lawyer. Trust me on this. Thanks, I did.
  4. For whatever reason I haven't had much luck selling this guitar. It is truly amazing in quality and sound...you Fender guys should take notice. 2006 G&L ASAT Special with Bigsby. Ash body with beautiful grain, maple neck/board with gun oil tint, MFD single coils sound amazing and are really quiet. G&L builds these at the original Fender shop using the same tooling and processes that were used for the coveted 50's Fender instruments. This comes with OHSC and all original case candy, including the Certificate of Authenticity. It's time to pay the lawyers so I am accepting offers now. Best offer by Friday wins. No Paypal, Postal Money Order only. Check with my references if you have any concerns.
  5. interested in my ASAT Special? New prices are about the same.
  6. Interested in my G&L plus some cash on your end?
  7. Trade for the axe in my sig plus a couple bucks on your end?
  8. You interested in the USA G&L ASAT Special in my sig plus some cash on your end? It's a stunning guitar with great playability.
  9. Make me some offers...I need some cash!! Partial trade accepted for guitar or small tube amp.
  10. Now for sale is my 2006 G&L ASAT. This baby has the premium Mary Kay finish over an ash body(beautiful grain), 12" neck and Bigsby trem. 9.8 condition-no dings in finish, just one light bump on tip of headstock. She's always been a home player and has the most amazing sustain and resonance I've ever experienced in a guitar. The craftsmanship is meticulous and perfect. $950 or I will accept partial trade on a Strat/Legacy.
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