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    inb4 $300 or something cry.gif


    That's something I really doubt. I don't know why Catalinbread gets so much {censored} for prices when they fall into the same range as most pedals from Earthquaker Devices, Blackout Effectors, Zvex Vexter pedals, and the like.

  2. From the Facebook:
    "Delay time allows you to go from the stock old school unit maximum delay time of about 300ms all the way to 1s delay time.

    12 way selector chooses the following playback head combinations:
    -1, 2, 3
    -2, 3, 4
    -1, 2, 4
    -1, 3, 4
    -1, 2, 3, 4

    There is an internal trimmer that adjusts the randomness and intensity of the modulation. Howard designed a dry audiopath that we don't want to ever turn off, so we decided to include a trails, true bypass switch... We're pretty sure you will always keep your Echorec on trails mode, cause the audiopath is THAT good!"


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    it is a pretty darn nice sounding pedal, bit of high end loss with the vibrato side, the chorus has a volume boost, but it sounds awesome.


    Pretty much this. I used one for a couple years and liked it a good bit, especially the chorus side. It definitely gets crazy, but that was a lot of fun for loop mangling
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