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  1. There so many models.They don't all sound the same.

    Thats like asking some one to describe a Gibson. Which one.

    Do you have specific model you are after?



    Thanks for all the replies fellas :)



    I was looking at a 22 fret McCarty since they seem to be going for relatively manageable budgets on Ebay recently. However, I am smashing my forehead on losing a blue PRS Swamp Ash Special (with the maple neck and middle single coil) last week :facepalm::facepalm: I wouldn't say a particular model, but something that plays AWESOME clean, relatively bright in tone, and no mud (why did I have to lose that bid :facepalm::blah:)

  2. So I've been gassing HARD for a PRS lately. The problem is my work schedule is pretty crazy around the holidays and I don't seem to have any times to drive 1.5 hours to the nearest music store to try one out. We've all heard the generalizations before about other guitars, so where would you put Paul Reed Smith guitars?


    Strats = great quacky cleans, bell like tones

    Tele = sharp, twangy

    LP = fat, round, full, strong bass

    SG = kinda like an LP but more articulate and sharp, not as full

    Rickenbacker = jangly

    PRS = ??:confused::confused:

  3. I tried to do a search a bunch of times for p90's but it kept giving me no results.


    I have a Greco Les Paul Custom that I want to put p90s in. I'm looking for super clarity, large amounts of bite and sharpness, a heavy amount of clear treble (to give u a hint of what I am looking for, I usually play a tele - but for the current time I don't have one and I found the LP shape to be so much more comfortable). What kind of p90s would you recommend for both neck and treble pups?

  4. I've been on a huge technical metal kick and I'm looking for more bands to listen to that don't have the typical cookie cutter vocals. As long as it's heavy, fast, technical solos, or punch-u-in-the-face riffs... doesn't matter as long as it isn't those horrid belching growls that infest a ton of these bands.


    I'll start with Protest The Hero. Great riffs with a guy who I believe has a great voice!



  5. Hey everyone!


    So I was thinking about buying a 4 way switch from Voodoo Man since I would like to use all of the options http://voodoomanswitches.com/


    The amp itself has separate jacks for the trem, reverb, channel, and loop. My question is with the cables going to these jacks. Would I be running 4 separate cables to the Voodoo man switch? or is there some sort of weird double-y splitter jacks that go from the footswitch to the amp? He explains it on the website, but I'm a bit confused as to exactly what is going on. I figured I'd ask here first. Any pictures of this preferably?

  6. Did you use a bank transfer, balance transfer, or debit/credit card? Your chances depend on the CSR/dispute rep you get at PayPal, and what you used for payment through PayPal. Always use your debit/credit card through paypal, because then you get your card issuers protection in addition to PayPal's, and I can guarantee you that your card issuer is better about protecting you than PayPal is.


    Looked at paypal, statement says "Added funds from Bank Account". Funding type was "Instant Transfer" from checking account.

  7. take it to a tech, contact the seller.

    have the tech give you a quote, and ask the seller to pay for the repair. if he won't, get a refund and send it back.


    This is what I'm going to do. I used Paypal to purchase the amp. Let's say the seller won't pay for the repair. If I explain this to Paypal, what is the chance of me getting my money back?

  8. I'm freaking out a bit right now....


    So I bought a Mesa Boogie Tremoverb on eBay, and it just came in the mail today. It was pretty dirty, so I cleaned it up a bit (vacuumed the inside, polished the outside and a bit of the inside), put the power tubes in (the shipped packed them seperately), and turned it on with standby still going. So far so good....


    I get my guitar, plug it in, and flip the standby off. No sound. I fiddle with the master and gain knobs a little bit. Still no sound. About 20 seconds later, I see smoke coming out of the back :eek::eek::eek::eek: I thought I was seeing things, but 5 seconds later, it started to get worse!! I quickly turned it off, unplugged it, and took the power tubes out (not sure why I did this but I did). The room smells like burnt plastic. The amp is sitting in my kitchen right now and I'm deathly afraid to turn it back on.


    What the hell could possibly be wrong with my amp that it would start smoking??

  9. I had one that I recently sold to a forumite. Great sounding amp, the cleans stayed clean and the dirt was pretty smooth yet Marshally sounding. Very nice sounding amp, but I got sick of the whole head/cab thing. So I sold it. Weird because I bought a Mesa 212 Tremoverb to lug around instead :freak: :freak:

  10. I live in an apartment. ALL amps are too loud for me to crank - this goes for 5 - 100 watts. I just buy amps depending on how they handle on playing with others and will buy an attenuator for the home. Which is why I am looking at a Mesa Tremoverb!! :D

  11. So I saw this Rectoverb on Ebay that is a Series 1 (noted by the lack of reverb on the front panel as well as missing Raw setting), and the seller claims that there is a bias switch in the back for the tubes. I could have sworn that only the Series 2 had this switch. Is it possible that this Series 1 Rectoverb may have a bias switch - such as it was manufactured in between the ending of the Series 1 and the release of the Series 2??


    It would be awesome if it did have the switch because I want an EL34 monster! :love:


    Btw - he had pictures of the amp, but not one of the switch itself. It is coming from a consignment shop, so they are probably not gear specialists. He will get back to me in 2 days. I'm just curious now.

  12. If I was president I'd make fake tits BANT tbh.

    It's like watching someone shaking frozen jelly on a plate. You KNOW its SUPPOSED TO have this mezmerising jiggle to it that you could watch all day but its NOT THERE
    DAMMIT! ITS NOT THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ladies shouldn't be allowed to take the jiggle away from me.

    I've never felt fake tits before, but half the fun of real tits is pushing into them and them molding to your hand/face/wiener like a soft pillow that I never owned.... *drool

  13. way too much trouble + its too cool a loooking head to mess with. buy a true bypass looper pedal, and that's it. get the ORANGE man!!!!


    How exactly do these bypass looper pedals work? Since it is all going into the regular input, I'm totally lost in how this is possible


    and Yep! I have heard of Omar, I friggin LOVE the Mars Volta! Despite what anyone says, I like his tone because it is so sharp and biting!!

  14. It's mostly just to rile him up. We have a love/hate relationship.

    He picks on me, I pick on him. It's all good.

    Ah gotcha! :lol: It all makes sense now!

    I do agree, some of the faces I'm not too keen on, but I'm a {censored}ing sucker for wide hips (with slimmer waist mind you) and huge racks. I'm like "what face?" :lol:

  15. GuitarMan216


    I'm cool with the fact you love fit and athletic women. I do too! I'm a fit and athletic guy myself and I would love to have a girl who regularly goes to the gym (just not as much or as hardcore as I do). But at the same time, I appreciate curvy, vuluptuous women who have huge and enormous racks!! Thick ass is a must too! As long as she doesn't have a gut, I'm down with it!


    wait..wait.. I got a little off track. I understand you aren't a fan of his women, but why do you make such a point to put down his pics? If you don't like it, it's cool, you don't like it. But it seems that you have to bring the momentum of his threads down by constantly putting down all the girls when some of us other dudes love it.


    I know you are entitled to your opinion, but why do you fight so hard to tell us how much you don't like it?



  16. Hey everyone!


    I was thinking about getting an Orange Amp (most likely the AD30 - with reverb if I can find it on eBay) because I LOVE the distortion and clarity on those things! While I thought they were mostly known for their bassy tone, I saw a few clips that had this extremely nice sharp treble to it which blew my mind!


    The thing is, I've seen many without FX loops. I use a few pedals (DL4, Boss DD20, Digitech Reverb, and Boss Pitchshifter) and I was wondering how Orange Amps handle pedals since they would be run without the loop - unless there are different versions with loops that I just didn't see.




    Thanks !



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