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  1. I walked into this guys house once, was buying a peavey cabinet for 50 bucks. Good neighborhood, except one house had tall grass and a yucky old volvo in the YARD, not in the driveway. of course it was the house. i walk in, it looks/smells like there is {censored} whiped on the walls/sofa/floor. tons of empty beer cans everywhere. the guy has a lazy mo-hawk, super tight ripped pants with no underwear, his cock is hanging out of his pants. He takes me to the basement to show me the cabinet. as we walk down the stairs hes like "sorry for the mess upstairs, this is kind of my part of the house", so im like okay maybe its better. Upon arrival to the basement i immediately notice what looks like detailed sketches of dicks all over the floor. Then i look up and notice a bunch of them framed hanging from the un-finished insulated walls. i see the cabinet, say cool ill take it, pay him, and get the {censored} out to avoid being turned into some sort of butt{censored} beanbag chair for him to sit on and/or sexually molest anally. All in all, awesome day with a funny story. If you waited around a few more minutes, I was going to offer you tea. I don't know why you ran off so quick.
  2. He sounds like a weenie but he probably has several other lowball offers and various Nigerian scams to contend with along with your e-mails. Posting {censored} on Craigslist is a landmine field these days...
  3. I can vouch for Twotimingpete, he's a good guy, several successful deals with him. I'm sure it's a mis-understanding.
  4. Great Dealing with TwoTiming Pete. Good guy, well manicured, true Patriot.
  5. I have a brand new V-Stack BHM, looking to trade for a Digitech RP70 ( or equivelent multi effects pedal).
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