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  1. I have a '93 Fender American Standard Stratocaster modded fat strat (DiMarzio Steve's Special/Air Norton in the bridge/neck). Looking to trade for a Fender American Telecaster. Preferably a maple neck and a '99 or below. I am located in Southern California and willing to drive for the right trade.
  2. Bought sometime in the 2000's. Custom blackface diamond plate on black hardware directly from Mesa. Sole owner. Kept in a smoke free home and in excellent condition. Comes with the footswitch. Located in Los Angeles. Cash and pickup only. $1300 SOLD
  3. have been doing that. been posting ads, but i feel like this town has too many jaded players or something
  4. Im a guitarist and I have my singer, and were having nothing but trouble trying to find a {censored}ing rhythm section (bassist and drummer). ive tried la weekly, recycler, craigslist, and this site, as well as posting ads up in the guitar centers, sam ash, mannys, musicians institute, amoeba, and some other hangouts where musicians might be, and I havent had much luck (nothing but flakes or retards). what the {censored}kkk? i never imagined that it would be this {censored}ing hard to find a competent rhythm section in this city. man any tips, words of advice, or {censored} if someone on here knows of a bassist or drummer, hit me up please. we just have 3 requirements: 1. preferably in your early to mid 20's. 2. no hired guns 3. have pro gear and transportation. http://www.myspace.com/drivingforcerocks
  5. I would highly suggest doing what every serious band in LA and NY do and get a lockout. No more complaints, practice any time any day without hassle. Sure you'll have to pay a monthly rent (split between x amount of band members, it's usually not TOO bad), but you're paying for the convenience of not bothering your neighbors and possibly whoever lives in your house that isn't in your band.
  6. It's its own sound. It does have a Recto mode (lead red 1), but I'll be straight up...it doesn't sound anything like a Recto. HOWEVER, the Triaxis has its own sound and it's a kick ass one at that. I'm at an unfortunate point of needing to sell my gear.
  7. I will ONLY SELL for pickup in the Los Angeles area. I don't want to deal with shipping problems, money delays, etc. I have: -Mesa/Boogie Triaxis v.2 $900 [battery, that can be bought from Radio Shack, needs to be replaced for memory; other than that, good condition, has general wear n tear and it will work without the battery, it's just the presets won't save] -Mesa/Boogie Simul 2:90 $600 [missing 2 tubes on ch B; very good condition] -Mesa/Boogie 8 space shockmount rack with castors $350 obo -DMC Ground Control Original $115 [good condition] -Digitech Whammy Pedal WH4 includes original box $100 [near perfect cond] -Korg DTR-2000 Rackmount Tuner $175 [perfect condition] -Bose 201 Series IV stereo speakers $75 [decent condition; sounds great] For under $2,000, you could have a full on Mesa touring rack setup. If you buy the Mesa amps and rack together, I'll throw in the custom fit George L cables that connect everything together. CASH ONLY and if you are interested, call me at 310.482.1586 *ASAP* at any time; today is especially perfect since it's the holiday. You will be able to test any of these units out to ensure they work, and how they look, etc.
  8. Plz post em up here (the ones that are in the valley)
  9. You can check out anytime you'd like, but you can never leave. You'll miss California to death if you leave. Countless people I know have felt the same exact way as you (the unrealistic cost of living, the traffic, the Mediterranean climate, the beaches, the mountains to ski, the food, the diversity, the..OK I'll stop) and tried to go to Nowhere, USA to escape it. You'll miss what you had! Think about the kids too. California to Nowhere, USA is a big change, I'd say for the worse.
  10. Hey, how do I set up the rack tuner so I can tune when it is bypassed (so people can't hear it when I'm tuning) in other words, is there a way to tune when the unit is on mute, because every time I put it on mute, the tuning function stops working, so how do I work the tuner so I can tune when no sound is coming out of my amp?
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