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  1. i just got the Malekko and love it. i sold my once-beloved FZ-2 after figuring it was a one-trick pony. the malekko has a decent range imho, not quite a Musket in that regard (another fuzz ped i owned and sold because it did not get along with my amp) but i like having the 3-position options and mid-range it delivers.
  2. nice and middy. pretty decent range with 3-way dip switch, albeit it's an internal one. love it.
  3. Would rock. But shouldn't the fuzz go after the Morpheus? it does... the out cable runs straight through those loops and to the amp.
  4. this sucks. i'm doing breakfast tomorrow with my 2 best friends, both laker HATERS, i'll never hear the end of it. i'm {censored}ed. at least we'll be at a sports bar so i can drown my sorrows.
  5. my sneaker collection is worth more than my rig. i'm a super hack and like to take pictures of and show off my guitar more than anything else. spiders scare me.
  6. a sudden lack of funds killed it for me... i kinda want it but need to rethink if i can part with $200. maybe positive reviews will convince me
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