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    I got a few pickups for sale. 1 DiMarzio DP158BK DP158 Steve Vai Evolution Neck Humbucker black - 55 shipped + fees, Comes with casing, and plenty of lead. 1 DiMarzio X2N F spaced black - 55 shipped + fees, comes with casing, plenty of lead, has some solder on the lower left. 1 DiMarzio ISCV2 Evolution Single coil - 35 shipped + fees. Comes with casing, and plenty of lead. 1 EMG HZ h4 - 45 shipped + fees. No casing, "HZ" is faded on the pickup, comes with plenty of lead. PM me, I can take some pics if you need them.
  2. Sup guys! I have my laptop up for sale, go ahead and check out my CL ad . It is great for gaming and a very good desktop replacement. Very mobile, and I'm including a Case Logic case with it. I'm also sure that it would be great for recording because it packs a 2.3ghz 3610q Intel I7 CPU. Easily overclockable to over 3ghz, I keep it at around 2.5ghz gaming. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/sys/3825596028.html I will include all the features for 920 + shipping (NEGOTIABLE), additional pics on request. Paint can be taken off on request. Only trade interested in is a Jackson RR24M and cash. Thank you!
  3. Like the title says, I am looking to buy one in Black, all stock preferably, in the best possible condition with the OHSC. PM me if you have one with the price you have in mind. I have cash on hand and will immediately buy the right one at the right price. Cheers!
  4. Spider Valve HD100 MK1 Head up for sale, 9/10 condition, sounds great, has Sovtek 6l6 500 shipped. Go to my photobucket for pics http://s167.photobucket.com/albums/u...matic/Guitars/ Also got a Shure SM57, mint, $50 shipped A Blue Icicle XLR to USB preamp, mint, $35 shipped Digitech Scott Ian Black 13, mint, $45 Shipped and a white DiMarzio X2N, never used, $45 shipped Pics of the Shure and the Blue Icicle on request. PM me fast! Need the cash!
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