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  1. Thanks. Yesterday I bought the Boss GT1000 Core. Played with headphones for a while. Then played through a GMW guitar into my Dr Z Maz Jr, just straight in the front. So far, love it. Easy to program, very powerful, small, perfect for my needs. 1) I need to turn off the Core's pre-amps if I'm going through one of my tube Amps. 2) I will set presets patches for going through Tube amps, A) probably 4 cable method setup and a B) straight in the front, and also a C) separate set for going straight to FOH. 3) For fly to gigs, I'll probably just bring a guitar and this. Simple.
  2. Thanks for throwing a few more ideas in the mix. The TC Plethora is an effect only option, basically several effects together, and I love the interface. The Headrush also has an easy interface, I found a place to compare a few of these. I've spent lots of time researching, watching videos, comparisons, etc, as well as experimenting here with what I may need. Leaning towards the smaller options though, GT1000 Core or the HX Stomp.
  3. Long Live Rock!


  4. I'd appreciate ideas from those of you more involved these days. I have great guitars and tube amps, don't use much effects. Looking to get a great new multi effects unit, mostly for home and studio, but may take to "fly to" gigs. Last multi I have is my old Boss GT10 I haven't used in years, big, heavy, clean-ish pass through, better things out there now. 1) Mainly want multi effects. Modelers and Profilers are ok, but not the focus. 2) For this, fortunately no budget limits. 3) Reasonable learning curve or easy, don't want to have to study too much. 4) Floor unit is better, preferably not huge. Plan to still goto Amp mostly, not direct to PA. Currently use different Wampler overdrives and echo, in the past Boss multi effect units. I run wireless, currently don't touch pedals much at gigs, but would like more sound options. Have researched a bit the Line6 Helix, Kemper, GT1000. Any ideas for my needs are appreciated. Thanks!
  5. No brand: From China, ordered from manufacturer. 1st time I've gotten something "musical" like that, was kind of a test.
  6. Thanks so much guys for the replies and explanations. So I tried more configurations and I found this: 1) Just as a test, a guitar cord through the same setup with the line6 Relay G50 wireless into the PA sounds quite a bit louder and has no background noise even at full volume on the guitar. 2) I switched wireless units to try my Shure GLX-D, as it uses the same TA4f connector. It works fine with the Earset mic with no background noise. The mic sounds decent, it's an omni ear set, so will not get too loud before feedback, but it works as I had hoped. 3) I tried a regular SM58 via various adaptors via the Relay G50, and the volume was low, but no background noise. The very high background noise came only with the Earset mic and only when using the Line6 wireless. Final Results: With everything else the same, I switched back and forth multiple times between the 2 wireless units, Shure GLX-D & Line6 Relay G50. For a guitar into the wireless and into the PA they both sounded the same. Also the same with an SM58 with various adaptors. But my Ear Set mic sounded and worked fine through the Shure wireless, but never could get rid of massive background noise through the Line6 wireless. I imagine the Shure automatically adjusts for different levels/ohms, or something, making it work. I also think the transmitters are the same for both for instruments and mics, so the culprit may be the Line6 receiver. Although I had hoped to use the Line6 wireless for the mic, I won't be playing guitar and speaking in conferences with the Ear Set mic at the same time, so I believe I can just use the Shure wireless.
  7. I have a Line6 relay G50 with 2 transmitters that I am no longer using, but I wanted to hang onto. I am now using the Shure GLX-D that I am happy with. And I do meetings where I use ear set mics. So I bought one with the correct TA4f connector. It works, but with very low volume compared to background noise, to the point it's not functional for me. The mic is listed at less than 200 ohms, the G50 is way above that. Is this something that could work, did I just get the wrong ohm mic, or was this just a bad idea? The Shure headsets for the Shure system show 600 ohms or 2400 ohms. Here is the info from my earset: Sensitivity: -42db±2db Frequency range:30-18KHZ Output impedance: ≤200 Ω Standard operation voltage:1.0V-10V.DC SNR:>58db thanks for any help!
  8. After the power went out last year due to a hurricane, we did a block party off my small generator. I brought bare equipment and it went OK. I knew I was running too much power through it though. About 1 month later, my good guitar amp crapped out on me. When the manufacturer was fixing it, they said they've never seen the power transformer die like that. Sometimes you don't see the damage you do until later. This thread has got great info I will remember.
  9. I'm a fan of the M13... I've talked about that a lot lately.. wait for a firmware update on that though (apparently there are a few bugs for various reasons...). It's all of Line-6's modelers in one. FM4, DL4, etc. and the Verbzilla... it also has a tuner and 28-second looper.... Looks neat, but way overkill for me, as I use only amp overdrive. Looks big too. The GT-10 is a bit overkill for me as well, that's why I'm looking at options.
  10. You sound like a good candidate for a few stomp boxes. I used to use 5-6 a long time ago. I've actually done some gigs straight into the amp recently. I like to keep it simple, and want a more transparent unit. I like a floor unit, as it's simpler to adjust things if needed.
  11. I've got a GT-6 that does enough for me effect wise. I may replace it with a GT-10, as I'd like a bit cleaner of a sound. The GT-6 alters my tone a bit going through my Lonestar Special or Mesa Mark III. I mainly use a little echo and reverb, and that's mostly it. I like having a chrorus and Flange, but I seldom use them. I seldom change patches live, mostly basic and only a few special effects like "slow gear" for Comfortably Numb. My main concern is something simple that doesn't alter my tone. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  12. OK, I normally use molded IEMs as well. We had a PA issu one time, but that was too small of cable gauge, too few ohms, and over-working the amp. Just sounded like compressed crap as things warmed up. Good luck finding the culprit!
  13. Your ears. Maybe. I've hit points where all of the sudden my ears hear everything differently, some hearing damage may be ocurring, hopefully short term. It has gotten me to be more careful about volumes.
  14. Looking to sell for 900 or trade plus or minus cash for your map. I'll trade you a map for Ireland for it. Good luck with the sale, those are nice guitars.
  15. Originally posted by padudeohio they don't call it the dirty-sux-dirty for nothing LOL! That's great!
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