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  1. Thanks. Yesterday I bought the Boss GT1000 Core. Played with headphones for a while. Then played through a GMW guitar into my Dr Z Maz Jr, just straight in the front. So far, love it. Easy to program, very powerful, small, perfect for my needs. 1) I need to turn off the Core's pre-amps if I'm going through one of my tube Amps. 2) I will set presets patches for going through Tube amps, A) probably 4 cable method setup and a B) straight in the front, and also a C) separate set for going straight to FOH. 3) For fly to gigs, I'll probably just bring a guitar and this. Simple.
  2. Thanks for throwing a few more ideas in the mix. The TC Plethora is an effect only option, basically several effects together, and I love the interface. The Headrush also has an easy interface, I found a place to compare a few of these. I've spent lots of time researching, watching videos, comparisons, etc, as well as experimenting here with what I may need. Leaning towards the smaller options though, GT1000 Core or the HX Stomp.
  3. Long Live Rock!


  4. I'd appreciate ideas from those of you more involved these days. I have great guitars and tube amps, don't use much effects. Looking to get a great new multi effects unit, mostly for home and studio, but may take to "fly to" gigs. Last multi I have is my old Boss GT10 I haven't used in years, big, heavy, clean-ish pass through, better things out there now. 1) Mainly want multi effects. Modelers and Profilers are ok, but not the focus. 2) For this, fortunately no budget limits. 3) Reasonable learning curve or easy, don't want to have to study too much. 4) Floor un
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