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  1. So I had an original MagicStomp...I liked it, I liked some of the weirder effects and the fact that it filled in certain holes in my rig (like a tremolo for the one song I use it on) without adding to my already large pedalboard (well, not compared to some out there, but large enough). Keep in mind, my MS was a 30 dollar used GC score. I'm pretty sure it died from the wrong power supply, it'll 'power on' but won't pass audio. Besides, the later versions were better from what I heard. What do the later MS's go for, and is there something else out there (CHEAP) that does roughly the same thing? Don't want to hear about the M9. For 399 I'll just buy the pedals I want. I used to come here a few years ago but life happened and I'm blissfully unaware of the latest stuff, I guess with all of the M9 gas someone should have a MS gathering dust that they can sell to me for next to nothing PM me if you've got a later edition MS that you'd let go for a reasonable price.
  2. I'd buy the 57 anyway. That mic is a workhorse that should be in every studio, and doubles as a practically indestructible live mic. Check the local ads and see if you can find someone selling a lightly used one for cheap - xmas time and all. Countless recordings, blah blah blah, all been said before.
  3. i've barked up this tree a few times but you're generally just ignored. the internet lingo hear makes me feel like i'm trying to communicate with a bunch of 12 year olds for the most part. if that's what needs to be done to be fit in then count me out. I'm certain a bunch of your internet interactions ARE with a bunch of 12 year olds. The rest are people that are physically older yet probably not much more emotionally or intellectually advanced from that point. "Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid." In no previous way (aside from strolling down the Venice Beach boardwalk, perhaps) are you so deluged by 'the great unwashed masses'. Most people are vain, shallow, don't think very much or very deeply, and it's all there in the text for prosperity. The goofy lingo has changed, but the basic problem is at least as old as the internet itself - I wonder what a troll on the old DARPAnet looked like . The internet is full of people stupid enough to say or do anything, record it, post it for the world to see, and then give their real name on top of it! Facebook is probably the worst example - myspace might be shallow but at least it's more than just random data about people I'll never care about - just type in your real name, background information, post up some original content (that will be sold out from under you if it'll sell, right in the terms of use), and it was outed as a CIA backed data mining op over FOUR YEARS AGO. And yet it grows in leaps and bounds, because people are, in general, retarded. And because someone told them to - don't even get me started on {censored}ter, either. I'd recommend a joint, some green tea, silence or soft playing good music, maybe some crickets in the background, and not a glowing screen in sight.
  4. I owe money on an OLP Tin Top now, so I'm thinning the herd. I was going to put the Rat up, but after it was gone through by my tech buddy and I got to try it...no f-n way. Not like I'm gonna get another that's just going to land in my lap like this one did. So I'm going to sacrifice my DOD Classic Fuzz instead. It's been a long road. But Rat Ibanez PT9 Phaser. This is a great people who like subtle phase over a big dumb WOOOSH that obscures what you're actually playing. No battery door. 60 shipped. USPS Money Order only. US only - seems every time I do the overseas thing it isn't worth the trouble. No trades.
  5. Now that I know these guitars exist (I think I might have seen it in a catalog sometime or another but it seemed like a 'wall decoration' more than a guitar I'd be looking for) I'd likely buy another should it be lost or stolen. Not an expensive guitar and not for the faint of heart in terms of style so if there's one available it'll likely be in the hands of a shop willing to part with it for cheap. (Me, I swear, I think I'm going to get some blues chops together just to bring it to a jam - I think it'd be hilarious.) If you happen to dig the McSwain style and don't purchase instruments as portfolio type investments, I'd say you could easily do worse. Fouke is a relative bargain at 5-6x the price of this copy new, and I've only seen one used (and with guitars like that, it's never when you have the dough). Now that I know these things play, it's a hard guitar to turn down, especially because it's fairly unique. Aggressive, yet not cock-rocky or simply yet another spin on a design from the 50's. Not for everyone, but not everyone likes Telecasters, either.
  6. Good guitar for smashing; otherwise, look elsewhere if you even pretend to be 'with it' when it comes to guitars. Not a lot of things going for it, I'm afraid. I don't get it; a million strat copies that won't use wood, but no one copies Danelectros?
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