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  1. For 31 years I depended on my green MXR analog delay. I used it in every context whether playing bass or guitar. I usually used it to make a juicy slapback sound and of course I loved the modulation feedback. Last year it finally kick the bucket... So ever since then I've been trying to find a modern analog delay to replace it. I don't mind buying a vintage MXR to replace the old one but I'd like a new piece of gear built recently that will last another 30 years. The feature that I'm having a hard time finding is the "Delay Only" output that only some green MXR delays had. The amazing thing about that Delay Only out is it sends only the wet delay part of the sound and none of the original dry signal. Apparently this is a very unique feature. For several years I had enjoyed using that Delay Only output straight to another amp across the room or to the PA to add a surround sort of effect. It sounded huge and amazing. Can anyone help me find a modern analog delay with that unique Delay Only 2nd output?
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