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  1. Interested in an MXR Carbon Copy for the Alesis Nanoverb?
  2. beat Russia bump... Dyna Comp is sold, comrades Another gratuitous Canada pulled Russia's pants down and gave them a spanking bump. Canada played a hell of a game.
  3. Would you consider a BBE Mind Bender analog chorus/vibrato for the DD-6? It has velcro on the back, but it's in great shape. I have the original box/instructions and comes with a 9v adaptor.
  4. I own several guitars that I gig with so the SG Special was just something cheap to play with at home or band rehearsals. I've read through several of the negative reviews posted on HC and I wonder what people were expecting from a very basic beginner's guitar? It's a fun inexpensive guitar to play with. That's it. Don't expect it to sound and play like a Gibson SG because it's not. I chose this guitar because it was really cheap and sounded good and played really well after a proper setup. I've I lost it or had it stolen I'd miss it, but I won't loose any sleep over it.
  5. I mainly play ambient alternative music: shoegaze, dreampop, post-punk/new wave. The ME-50 is adequate for most styles of music, but I choose to enhance my effects by running it along with a couple of other pedals. The main disadvantage for me is that you can't layer your modulation effects. For example, you can't use Chorus and Flanger together or Chorus and Tremolo together. That's why I run a separate Reverb, Chorus and Space Echo pedal in addition to the ME-50. I really appreciate the various modulation and delay effects available, but the fact that it also has a built in tuner, compresser,noise suppressor and an easy to use expression pedal makes this unit all the worth while especially when you don't have to deal with a bunch of patch cables and power cords. Since the ME-50 has been discontinued in favor of the ME-70, some good deals can be had on any remaining stock. Even if you buy used, you'll still be getting a good deal on a solid effects unit. It's not the best by far, but it's certainly worth getting if you're in the market for a decent multi-effects processor.
  7. I see nothing wrong with using 2 of the same types of pedals on your board. I currently have 3 delay effects on my board. I have an Ibanez DE7 on a short delay setting, an MXR Carbon Copy and an EHX Stereo Memory Man w/Hazarai. I also sometimes use 2 chorus pedals as well with different settings each for my guitars and basses. Sometimes one chorus pedal will compliment the other depending on how you tweek the settings.
  8. I've never seen these performances before, they are close to perfect! especially pictures of you, it was spotless! Thanks for sharing. Anytime! That was The Cure at their very best, in my opinion. Best lineup of the band too.
  9. Tech 21 Boost RVB. No preset modes. No volume loss. Just tweek the knobs to get the reverb sounds you want. Simple, easy to use and sounds fantastic.
  10. The headstock makes it look like a cheapie guitar. Well.... It is a cheapie guitar compared to a Fender Bass VI's price.
  11. I prefer more subtle Phaser effects so I went for the MXR Script Phase 90.
  12. Kewl. It's definately not a baritone! I've been hoping for another affordable 'Bass VI' option. I have a Schecter Hellcat VI that I love dearly, but this Agile's got a floating tremolo like the Bass VI too. Interesting that they gave it lighter string gauges than the Bass VI and Hellcat VI. D'Addario makes Bass VI strings in those gauges (24 34 44 56 72 84 ) and they're cheaper than Fender Bass VI strings. The headstock looks kind of funny, but nothing too bad. I really wish Fender would consider making a more affordable version of the Bass VI. Hell, even if they came out with a Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI I'd be all over it! Still, for $399 I may have to pick up one of these Agiles.
  13. I have one as well. I originally got it as an additional effects rig for my short-scale 6 string bass (Schecter Hellcat VI), but I found myself using it in addition to my existing board. It's usually what I take to jam sessions as it's lightweight and easily portable. I mainly use it for modulation and delays and I sometimes run it in front of my existing pedalboard to take advantage of it's noisegate and compressor. Also running it's delay in front of a distortion pedal yields some amazingly raunchy sounds.
  14. I remember reading a Robert Smith quote from a 2000 issue of Guitar Player where he said that if he broke his Bass VI he would entertain the idea of giving up. I do miss Robert playing his Bass VI's, but I think it's unlikely that he'd give up especially since he plays a custom Schecter Ultracure VI in addition to his regular Ultracure guitar. Doesn't sound the same as the Fender Bass VI, but then there's also the Schecter Hellcat VI which is Schecter's take on the Fender Bass VI and can nail those "Disintegration" era Cure tones. Anyway, these are my favorite Cure vids featuring the legendary Fender Bass VI. Pictures of You: [YOUTUBE]aNBJ1rBAlN8[/YOUTUBE] High (both Robert Smith and Perry Bamonte playing Bass VI's): [YOUTUBE]HIrYS9YSXmQ&feature[/YOUTUBE] To Wish Impossible Things [YOUTUBE]aenP5OlQKfI[/YOUTUBE]
  15. The Liquid Chorus is one of my favorites. Beautifully deep and lush plus it's no where near as noisy as other analog chorus pedals. thu:
  16. I like the ps3 for Blu Ray, reliability, wifi and free online play. This
  17. Boss DD-7 Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Vox Time Machine Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai ($215 bucks brand new)
  18. Check out the EWS Fuzzy Drive. Even though it's marketed as a fuzz pedal, it's very tweekable and versatile enough to use as an overdrive pedal. It can go from a mild overdrive to high gain fuzz-like distortion. Awesome little pedal for $129 bucks! Here are a couple of YouTube demos. [YOUTUBE]8CcPaK0ulbM[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]Muk0NoqNqck[/YOUTUBE]
  19. I highly recommend the EWS Fuzzy Drive. I love it. Extremely versatile. Here's a YouTube demo. [YOUTUBE]8CcPaK0ulbM[/YOUTUBE]
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