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  1. Not really looking for trades on this one at the moment. To start, pictures can be seen here: http://thousandwatts.com/pics/SVT/ Overall a very good condition SVT here. Only one mark on the entire head that I can find. Tubes have about 100 hours on them. Otherwise, it's an SVT-CL, and there's not a whole lot to say about it. Been a nice amp for me, but I'm moving in a different direction now. Willing & able to ship it - just realize it'll be expensive - tubes will be pulled & shipped in a separate box from the head itself. Asking $1200, which I'll call negotiable. Best method to get me is actually via e-mail: RJSalamon (at) Hotmail (dot) com
  2. The bass I thought would stick around with me for a long time, in fact, will not be. I've had this bass for some years now and it's been my "go to" bass for literally everything. I really can't begin to fathom how many gigs this thing has seen. But alas, about 3 months ago I acquired a G&L L-2500. Within a week, that bass replaced my Spector in every aspect. I'm not really looking for trades at this time. I'm trying to keep just three basses in the stable. Overall, amazingly, this bass is in great shape. There are a few minor dings that are difficult to photograph. Frets are in great shape, the action is extremely low without buzz, and there are a multitude of tones available from it. Just not the one I want . I'm not certain of the electronics in it... dual EMG humbuckers and I *believe* the TonePump preamp (bass and treb., boost only, vol/vol). 35" scale, with the brass nut and otherwise black hardware. The woods on this one are a figured redwood top (drool) over a mahogany body, maple neck and pau ferro fretboard (24 fret). I talked to Evan @ BassNW about my bass. He values it at $1900. To buy it today, it would run $3k+. I'm looking to get $1450 + shipping from it. That's pretty much as low as I'll consider going right now... but as always, send offers, as the worst I'll do is say no. This bass is listed on eBay, so if it sells there first I'll take this ad down. Very high res and somewhat large resolution pictures can be found here: www.thousandwatts.com/Spector/ Best means of contact is e-mail; rjsalamon (at) hotmail (dot) com.
  3. No cam available here to borrow argh. If this doesn't sell by the 7th, I'm keeping it .
  4. Both still available. If neither sells ASAP, I'm keeping both. I'm working on moving and once these are packed away, I wont unpack them just to ship out.
  5. Oddly enough, the pot codes are 220663-3. Which, from what I gather is 1956? I tried to take a pic, but my cell cam sucks to hard. I'll have to borrow one from work tomorrow.
  6. You have it torn down. What are the pots dated? Should be something like 1377046 Transformers that I can pull EIA codes date to 1969 (rather, a year that ends in "9", and 1979/1989/1999 obviously are incorrect). I'll have to pull the cover over the pots to date those. I'll do that when I get home this even.
  7. I have my 1969 SVT and SWR 4x12 cab I'd be willing to deal on. $1900 for both picked up. There's FS threads on both here already. The Ampeg isn't in running order right now, however, if you wanted to look over it and see if this is your kind of setup, I'll make sure to sit down and get everything fixed up on it in short order . Only a couple of minor items.
  8. Hey everyone, Here's a project that I don't currently have time to finish, and right now the money will more come in handy than having a project on the bench. What we have is a 1969/1970 SVT. It can be verified as one of the first SVTs as it has the tube relay socket, which was dropped after the first run of SVTs. This thing is showing it's age for a 40 year old amp. The headbox tolex is trashed. Structurally though, it's very sound. I was going to get a replacement from fliptops.net or re-tolex this one (wasn't sure which at the time). It also needs a new grill cloth and back plate to complete the astethics of it. Total a new headbox would be $250, and the backplate is something I have yet to source. Again, these are just the comestic things that you may or may not want to look into. I would have, but that's me. Now, this amp is currently in a non-functioning state! My plan was to un-do the 6550 mod. I have the eight steps that need taken to do this, but haven't had time to do it. This requires 8 resistors to be changed and some soldering time for moving a few wires. I would guess that any competent tech should have this done in 2 hours at the absolute worst. That should run you probably around $150 or so. On top of that, there is one more resistor that needs looked at. It tests OK, but has removed itself on one end from the PCB. I'm 99% sure that it can just be resoldered back on. If not, at worst you have another couple of bucks in the resistor and bench time to replace. Last thing that I have noticed is that one tube socket looks odd, and the power cable will need a new three prong end installed. I haven't had time to investigate the odd tube socket - it's in the preamp, V1. I have not even put this thing on a variac to test anything. I cannot guarentee that the above is all that is wrong. I honestly do not have time to complete this, and the money would be much better used else where. The person I bought it from sold it to me in a running state that just needed new tubes and a re-bias to get going. I took it all apart to clean thoroghly and noticed the broken resistor. I also had intentions from the start to restore it to factory condition (6146B tubes, new headbox, etc). I'm basically looking to get out of this what I have into it, which is $1200. Add shipping on to that and it's yours. It'll come with 10 6146B, NOS RCA power tubes, and a full complement of preamp tubes (some NOS GE, mostly new EH and such). I can take all sorts of pics if you'd like. Here's a bunch to get you started: http://www.thousandwatts.com/1969SVT.html (Click on the Work Day links). If you don't want the head box because you plan on buying your own, great! That'll cut down on shipping. I can include the original obviously as well. I'm like jello, and willing to work with ya to get you this. For probably near $1600 you can have a head that would look and function like it just came from Ampeg. On top of that, you could probably turn it back around, throw it on eBay and clear 2K. E-mail is the best method to get me. PMs here tend to go unnoticed for a couple days at a time :poke:. RJSalamon (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Sorry, but no trades.
  9. Thanks, Ray. The beast is at my house. Nice to meet you and I'll let you know how it sounds with our setup. Thanks for the compliment about our band. I think the C400 is gonna make a huge difference in our gravity. It was nice meeting you as well today. The C400 will help your bassist get some decent tone now . You can run that thing balls to the wall and bring him to the front, or just run the crunch channel and have him grind out a nice groove. Or, as we also discussed, you can plug your guitar into it. God help anyone within a mile of you if you do, though! Let me know if you guys get anything near me. If I'm still around here when that festival thing goes down, I'll make that.
  10. Cool. Hold Tight. I'll take it. A man true to his words! This head has gone (rather, is in transit to) Ohio! Let me know if it gives you any troubles at all . Edit: like your band by the way!
  11. Me again. Looking to see which cab I want to keep - the SWR, or my Avatar. So I'm listing both for sell. Once one sells, the other gets taken off the market! Up first is my SWR 12 stack. A mean ass cab with 4x12's and no horn/tweeter. Old school vibe and tone. Still goes remarkably high with all things considered, but does NOT do the "hi-fi" tone that a cab with a mid driver/horn/tweeter will. This came to me in 8 ohm version. I re-wired it to 2 ohm (all 4 speakers in parallel) to use with my SVTs. I can keep it at 2 ohm if you want to get the most out of your 2 ohm head with one cab, or I can put it back to 8 ohm so you can pair it up with another cab. If you have a 2 ohm capabale head though, I don't think you'll need to pair this with anything else. This thing goes loud, deep and is just pure fun to play through. No pics currently, but I can take some with my cell phone. No other camera available to me at the moment. All drivers are in pristine condition. No farting on a low B from a SVT running damn near full tilt . The outside tolex has various little scuffs and marks, but nothing serious at all. The grill is in perfect shape. No rattles or anything from it . The only real downfall to this cab is it's weight. It's a porker in the 100 lb range. The wheels on it really help with generally carting about, but, when it comes to stairs, it's typically a two person deal (unless it's just a few steps, then I can handle it solo). I'm going to say this one's $500, and I'll have to look into shipping. I'll probably do $500 shipped if you're East of the Mississippi, and just a few bucks more if you're West of it. If you're Canadian or from AK/HI, we can discuss but I'm sure it'll be mighty expensive to ship. All other international deals need not apply - sorry! Now for my Avatar. It's the black carpet version, 4 ohm. Info on these can be found here: http://avatarspeakers.com/ I bought this about 2 months ago. It has never been outside of my home, never pushed hard. It has maybe 20 hours of very light playing on it. I'm not even sure the speakers have "broken in" yet! I can take pictures of it with my cell phone if needed. I don't have any other camera available to me at the moment though . New this would be $487 to your door. Being that it's like brand new, I'd like to start this at $400 to your door (con No trades what so ever. I'm leaning towards selling the SWR more, but I'll let you guys decide which one I sell and which one I keep!
  12. I replied to your PM and e-mail.
  13. Also, you might be able to convince me to unload my 1969 SVT, but that'll take some serious cash .
  14. I'm selling my Peavey Classic 400. 400W into 8- and 4- ohm. www.classic400.com for more info. Let me know if that interests you at all, and we can talk more via PM.
  15. Sorry I missed your PM - I just replied to it.
  16. What about old school biamping? Splitting the signal and sending one to a bass amp / cab, and the other to a guitar amp / cab, a la Chris Squire? This, IMO, is about the only time that bi-amping is worth the effort. Getting that solid low end and those grinding highs is awesome . All the cats that do this have tone that I enjoy listening to. To the OP; what is the reason you're looking to Bi-amp?
  17. That looks like a Yorkie in the background! Hot bass, too. Wish I could afford it.
  18. Where are you located? Have any feedback/references? Edit: Also, what's the string spacing (17mm?)? Satin or gloss finish?
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