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  1. Iam the second owner of this amp. The first owner was my brother inlaws dad and it never left his house . I bought it and brought it home and it never left my music room. Really great amp and it is in mint condition .Still has all the hang tags and stickers on it .Tubes are all mesa boogie and have very little time on them . Everything works perfect and looks great . The 10 watt setting is great for playing at home and it has plenty of clean headroom at 45 or 90 watts .This thing has tons of options and a really wide tonal pallet . I recently bought a Mesa TA-15 and have been playing it every time I sit down and the Mark V hasn't been getting any playtime . I really hate seeing sit here not being used so I thought I would offer it up. I would love to trade for a goldfinger or maybe a duende . Iam also really gassing for a mini rectifier or rectoverb 25 but Iam open to anything. Hit me up with your offers . I would also let it go for $1800 shipped . It comes with everything including the mesa cover . Let me know if you need more pics.
  2. Looking to get rid of a Squier Standard Strat.It is all stock and plays great, the neck on this one is awesome I just have to many strats right now. $125 obo. Also interested trades.Just let me know what you have in mind. " rel="nofollow">http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv145/sublimeride/WP_000135.jpg[/img]
  3. Looking to sell or trade these guys.All of them work great and look great.The ibanez has a few cosmetic scuffs but then again it is over 30 years old.The Maxon comes with the box and papers the other two do not.Wide open on trades. Maxon pt999 great shape ,box and papers $90 MI Audio Blues pro in great shape $90 Ibanez CS505 Works great, a few scuffs works perfect $175
  4. Looking to trade my MXR 10 band eq.Mint condition. BSP Audio Fuzz. Has forty year old matched mullard ac128 transistors. I also have a maxon PT999 mint in the box. I can add money also.Here is what Iam interested in but Iam open to other stuff also. BB pre. ac boost rc boost ep boost crunchbox pigtronix boost, dist. or compresor od 11 amp 11 Gen 5 echo picklevibe mojohand - any of them dirty little secret naga viper You get the idea. Let me know what you have .I will post pics up lter today.
  5. pedalboard traded. Anyone have a Tv Jones they want to trade for the singles?
  6. Originally Posted by sam adams Mesa Mark III black dot? Great amps but I'am gonna have to pass.Thanks bro.
  7. I have a set of fender Custom Shop 54 pickups , they work great and sound awesome. I also have an skb pedalboard and soft case.I have the 9 volt power adapter for it but none of the extension cables for it.You can get them from skb or guitarcenter, maybe musicians friend. I would like to trade them for a good dirt pedal, fuzz or distortion or a boost pedal. Also interested in other pickups, humbucker or singlecoil.Just hit me up with what you have.
  8. Just looking to try something different.my lonestar currently has a quad of groove tube 6l6 tubes but can run el34 or 6v6 tubes also.It has two vintage 30 speakers in it and works perfectly.There is a little wear here and there but no rips or tears.Killer amazing cleans and overdrive and rude loud if need be.This really is a very versitle amp. Not really sure what Iam looking for so just hit me up whith whatever.I would prefer heads but combos are fine to.
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