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  1. As I mentioned earlier, I have a Kustom Tube 12A, I also have a Fender Champion 600, a Crate GE604S mini-speaker cab (cool little cab with 4 6" speakers at 4 ohms, I use it with the Champ), a Dean EVO Special Select, Epi Les Paul Jr, and A Squier Affinity Strat (upgraded with Alnico pickups). I also own a few stomp-boxes (7 different distortions/fuzzes/overdrives), Flanger, Phaser, Echo, etc. I don't buy expensive stuff 'cause I can't afford it and my playing isn't good enough to justify it (not fit for human consumption). So far, I like the amp... we shall see what the future brings. I thought about an Epi Valve Jr, but the price on this thing could not be beat - $80 at GC, plus they sent me a $15 customer appreciation gift card so it was $71 "out the door"! How can you beat that? I hope that you read this and give the amp another shot, I think that it deserves at least that much.
  2. I mostly play things like AC/DC, Rush, Boston, etc. Classic Rock. I have many pedals, some Behringer (EM600, DM100, VP1, UM300)(because they are cheap) some DOD (a Milk Box and an Ice Box), Washburn (Artec) Blues Overdrive and Soloist Distortion, a Fab Echo, and a EH Big Muff PI (Russian). As for replacing it if it were stolen, yep, sure would. Great pedal, check it out.
  3. My choice of music is primarilly Classic Rock (Rush, Boston, Cheap Trick, etc) with a bit of Metal thrown in (Judas Priest, Metallica). I have been playing for a long time, however, I am not the greatest nor am I the best judge of tone. To be honest, this pedal is nice, but not the "be-all-to-end-all" of choruses... remember... subtle.
  4. I have been playing (if you call it that - I'm not very good) for about 24 years. I think I would buy another one it it got stolen. As I said before, an external speaker jack and an effects loop are possible options. Just a good, solid amp for not a whole lot of money.
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