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  1. There's a strong chance I'll be buying a new guitar before 2010, so I've started the shopping process. I'm still up for new ideas, but I have these in the sights thus far: Epiphone Casino: I really want to get it in natural and put a mahogany pickguard for it (or maybe just get black) then possibly add a Bigsby (cause I'm a sucker for them). With a case, I'm looking at around $700 before tax. I don't know if I'll have that much to spend, but I'm going to try. Upgrades are extra and down the road. For reference: Eastwood Classic 6:I've not yet played on in person, but like reviews
  2. Guitars available via Guitarfetish.com They look really cool (they're all copies of course) especially for the price. Casino! The thinline tele (w/p90s) is also pretty nice I know the necks from GFS are pretty hit or miss, but for $2-300, these seem like an awesome deal. Any users? Opinions? These are cool guitars
  3. I have about a grand to spend on a guitar, I'm thinking a hollowbody. I'd like a 335, but don't have the capital. So. . .vintage 335 copy? Some of the old japanese ones are allegedly pretty nice, but I've never been one on one with any. Brainstorm: best hollowbody for 750-1000. Off-brand is cool. I'd prefer not-new; something with character. Let's do this!
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