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  1. http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/HTML%20Pages/Harold_Wallace_Rosenthal_Interview_1976.htm I know this topic becomes incredibly complex, but after reading this memoir I had to make others aware of its existence (if you didn't already know). As we continue to see our freedoms and liberities diminish, I cannot help but wonder why? With the knowledge and technology of todays world, it doesn't add up to the problems we are having to endure. We are continually being told that things will change for the better by government, but the better truly never comes. The bad just levels off for awhile
  2. Looks like a Bugera version of a Veyron to me. I suppose that's what you get when you compare $160,000 worth of car to 1.7 Million worth of car:rolleyes:
  3. You're {censored}ing kidding right? :lol: :lol: Oh boy...you aren't . Read the whole convo noooob
  4. mixed results. Sometimes, stuff will sell just fine. Other times, it's nothing but retards. THIS! Sold a car of mine on there, had everything from people wanting to trade big screen tvs, and stereo equipment (hot as hell) to toolboxes for a 1500 dollar car
  5. yeah, theyre lame peices of {censored} next to the lotus exige :busts nut: If you had been in one and understood how good of a driving experience it offers, you may have some appreciation for what it stands for.
  6. The power to weight ratio is decent, but nothing special and certainly not in supercar territory. The Enzo, for example is 1:4.5 and the Veyron is 1:4.1. Something more "normal" like the F430 is still 1:6.6. Also, I highly doubt a car of that size could come in at only 1100Kg. It hasn't even been built yet (hence the CG photos), so I'm thinking they're going to weigh the real thing and find a different number. This isn't suppose to be a super car, if it were I would agree. [YOUTUBE]ZUPnFMFEmaU[/YOUTUBE] It has been built, and those ARE the specs, stop hating and except it:wave
  7. Maximum power (hp)300 Max. torque (Nm at rev/min)330 / 3600 thats it? Have you ever heard of a Lotus elise?:poke:
  8. AND BY GROSS I MEAN I WANT ONE The company who makes it is new, and goes by the name of MaRussia. This car is the B2. With a power to weight ratio of 1:8.1, that thing would FLY! Capacity (cc)
  9. "The male specimen captured by Mara-Christian was estimated to be between 60-75 years old, and very near the end of its lifespan" A HP rifle made that statement true:lol:
  10. [YOUTUBE]M8pR1rZZHEs[/YOUTUBE] The best part of online games - Getting to watch vids like this.
  11. He is Canadian.... :poke: *Puts on flame suit*
  12. How about that fact that I've got 3 different bands that are all the same band on my Ipod and Iphone by the name of Tony Danza Tapdance extravaganza. I've checked all the info on each of the files, ALL identical, yet it thinks they are all different! LAME-O!
  13. Tell you this much, OP... Every riff Black Dahlia Murder makes has already been written. By At the Gates. I'll agree half heartedly, I do appreciate the writing chemistry between both guitarists though:thu:
  14. Are you only considering ear buds, or would you consider full headsets? As for the ear buds - https://panasonic.ca/english/accessories/headsets/superlightweight/RPHJE120.asp# I've had those for two years now and they are fantastic. For ear buds I give them credit, they are almost as good as my Audio Technica ATH AD700 full headphones. Soundstage and comfort are really what puts the ATs above them.
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