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  1. The best cab for the VT-22 is that cab it came in. The speakers in there rule. Avoid V30s with this amp, does not sound good.
  2. That is pretty cool, are you just freezing the 4 octave up? I stacked two loops, one is just the 4 octaves up, and the other is just me gently moving my hands over the strings by the pickup to get the octave to glitch.
  3. Yeah. 4 Octaves up is.. useless. I actually found a use for it. But it is as a purposely glitchy kinda thing. 1:50 in this video: http://vimeo.com/36052408
  4. a fifth and a third below would be nice. I think a fifth below would be much more useful than 4 octaves up, that voice hardly does anything except sound glitchy on my HOG.
  5. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/electro-harmonix-hog-octave-generator-synthesizer-guitar-effect-with-expression-pedal http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HOG Woah. Either they are making way for a new version or the standard HOG just wasn't selling...
  6. EHX site doesn't say anything about it being discontinued... http://www.ehx.com/products/hog
  7. Originally Posted by PKTrono thank you very much! I would suggest still looking up the pinout of your IC, and especially that of your transistors, to confirm you are using the right thing before proceeding. For example: the difference between a BC182L and a BC182A is that one is ECB, the other is CBE. I learned that one that hard way. Maybe its a different story with ICs, but I have been double checking just in case.
  8. AA165/AB165 Bassmans are my favorite amp ever. $600 is a great price for that amp.
  9. What diodes are you guys using for your KLONEs? How much fairy cum do they have to have in order for mojo tonez?
  10. Beavis Audio's domain finally wasn't renewed. Does anyone know the guy? His site has been amazing for a n00b like me.
  11. Is anyone else having trouble loading the diystompboxes site? It hasn't loaded for me in two days now, I really wanted to place an order. IVIARK - I am about to order a ton of parts to build some of your layouts, Timmy and Deep Blue Delay are on the top of my list. For my DBD build I want to put two of them in parallel, and have them come back at the end of the signal. I know that in order to do this I'll have to build some sort of splitter. Does anyone have a design they would recommend? There are a couple splitters on IVIARK's site, but I am not sure which one would be best to use.
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