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  1. I just picked an 83' V with two pickups, all original save the nut. No breaks and the white paint was plenty checked. Plays great. Got it for $300. Good luck, this recession is NOT getting any better.
  2. Subjective here, but you can't get tone like this from newer amps unless you are shelling out a pile of money. The Drakes really make this amp, they're huge and powerful and really make the amp sound very three dimensional. The sound just surrounds you and hits you in the stomach when you aren't looking!
  3. What a great guitar. Pricey new, but I think worth it.
  4. Best sounding PAF pickups out there. Serious about tone? Buy them.
  5. I won't sell this one, it is in my keeper pile. I have tons of gear, vintage and modern. This little monster stays.
  6. Nice guitar, money wise try to find one used. I got mine on ebay with the case(which is complete garbage, you hold the handle and it is so flimsy it pops open the middle latch) for $300. They are around $700 new.
  7. Don't buy anything else, this will cover your TS needs and it is a quality build with boutique sound at a low price.
  8. Buy one, save your money, buy two!! You can get them relatively cheap compared to a new reissue. Don't hesitate to get one, a tech with any smarts can work on these without a problem. You will NOT be sorry you did.
  9. Great speaker, give it a chance to do what it is supposed to do.
  10. Whoa, buy one. They are the classic sound of your heroes, and then some.
  11. Hey, I buy and sell tons of stuff. My hobby as I don't really play live anymore, just collect and play in the basement. I was semi-pro for a long while, and I wouldn't hesitate to use this thing anywhere, anytime. Not blowing smoke here, this is probably the best sounding, most VERSATILE and well built TS type drives I've played.
  12. dukedukeduke

    Marshall 6100

    Buy one. Best Marshall ever. No kidding. And the midi function is just sheer genius. Do the new VM series have this?? Anyway, buy this amp. And if you can find one with the gold plated chassis/trannies/everything you have won the lottery. Limited editions are hard to come by and just look very cool.
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