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  1. Need to do some last minute holiday shopping, so my Detox EQ is up for grabs. -Detox EQ - This thing is incredible. I have my top boost volume maxed and this thing STILL cleans it up. Perfectly clear. I've suggested it to a lot of my friends for their jcm800s. It also works great as a regular EQ as well. This is near mint with box. Asking $90 shipped/Paypal'd. Prefer to keep shipping within the U.S. I can get pics if need be, just PM your e-mail. Thanks, T.J.
  2. Pic added! Reasonable offers considered! (Seriously, check out that DD3!)
  3. Thinning the herd. More baby stuff to buy. My loss is definitely your gain. Tim v2 - near mint with box. Velcro on bottom. SOLD! Modded DD3 - This one hurts. But I know someone will give it a good home. Modded by Eilers Innovations. Rehoused, 2 delay times, switchable analog/digital voicings and some extra footswitchable noise making goodies. Asking $150 shipped/Paypal'd. Phase 90 - This one I modded. Univibe and script mods. $50 Morley Maverick - near mint. Velcro. $50. Pics and more pedals to come. Pm if interested. T.J.
  4. Thanks guys. Found out today we're having a boy. Sooooooo awesome! Had some bites but still available!
  5. Making some room on my board. Just some stuff I don't use often enough to keep. EHX Holy Grail - Bigger box version. This one's got some wear to it. Missing 2 screws on the top and the pot is loose, but works and sounds great. Comes with the power supply and one spot adapter. SOLD! Chuck's Tone Garage modded Ibanez TS7 - This one is sweet. Appears to be modded to 808 specs, in great condition and sounds incredible. Asking $40 shipped/Paypal'd. PM if interested.
  6. I bought a bunch of Mogami Gold patch cables from GC within the last few months for my pedalboard, but have decided to try out the George L stuff so I'm selling these off to fund them. Bought for around $25 a piece, so... over the last few months I spent $175 (WOW, really?!) Anyway, $75 Paypal'd/Shipped and their yours. Still have the packaging for 5 of 'em. Here's the GC link for 'em: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Mogami-Gold-Patch-Cable-with-Right-Angle-Connectors-621057-i1474263.gc
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